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Eight year old Sills, sings "Arditi: Il bacio"

Beverly Sills Sings at Seven Years Old
At age eight, Sills apepared in this short film, playing a precocious singer whose family has various ideas about where she should study voice. They take her to sing for Uncle Sol in his "Problem Court." He decides, after her perky rendition of the Arditi classic, that she should study in America.
Performed August 1937 Running time = 04:00


Beverly Sills and Danny Kaye
sing an opera parody duet

Beverly Sills and Danny Kaye
Performed in New York, 1975
Running time = 07:55


Sills sings "Si tu le veux"

Beverly Sills - Si tu le veux excerpt
Excerpt of Koechlin's "Si tu le veux" Op. 5, No.5 ; integrated with various footage of travel woes, loneliness and separation from family, which is part of the sacrifices a Prima Donna must make throughout the course of a busy career.
Performed in 1975;

Running time = 02:41


Sills sings "Mother Dear - Folk Song"

Beverly Sills - Mother dear

Performed in 1980;

Running time = 03:15


Beverly Sills and Carol Burnett perform a
hilarious pastiche of operatic and jazz highlights

Beverly Sills and Carol Burnett farewell medley
Performed in New York- X-27-80
Running time = 12:43


Beverly Sills and Ann Margret perform a
pastiche of operatic and comedic highlights

Beverly Sills and Ann Margret
Performed in New York- 1978
Running time = 10:29


Beverly Sills on Maria Stuarda as singer
and NYCO director

Beverly Sills on Maria Stuarda
Sills speaks about her past performances in the role and talks about passing it on to a worthy successor, Ashley Putnam. Sills narrates an overview of the latest cast and the production's rehearsal process.
Filmed in 1981 ; Running time = 5:32


1981 NYCO "Maria Stuarda"

Maria Stuarda Confrontation Scene
"Maria Stuarda :
Confrontation Scene"
Performed in 1981
Running time = 08:16
Marisa Galvany on Queen Elizabeth
"Marisa Galvany on
Queen Elizabeth I "
Documentary Filmed in 1981
Running time = 07:47
Although no known footage of Sills in "Maria Stuarda" exists, this is the next best thing. These excerpts are from a 1981 NYCO production using the same sets and costumes that Sills performed in, and it preserves the intense performance of Elizabeth I by Marisa Galvany, who often appeared with Sills in the production.

Here Ashley Putnam sings Maria, with Barry McCauley as Leicester and William Justus as Talbot.

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