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Music of Victor Herbert


1. "A kiss in the dark" (Orange Blossoms)

2. " Italian street song" (Naughty Marietta)

3. "To the land of my own romance" (The Enchantress)

4. Orchestral medley

5. "Kiss me again" (Mlle. Modeste)

6. "Ah! sweet mystery of life" (Naughty Marietta)

7. "Art is calling for me ["I Want to Be a Prima Donna] (The Enchantress)

8. "Thine alone" (Eileen)

9. Orchestral medley.

10. "When you're away" (The Only Girl)

11. "Romany life" (The Fortune Teller)

Conductor: André Kostelanetz, London Symphony Orchestra
Date & Location: 1975; EMI Studios, London
Label & Catalog numbers -
CD CDC-7 47197 2 EMI Angel
LP SFO-37160 Angel Records