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Up in Central Park: Duets from Operetta & Musical Comedy

Beverly Sills & Sherrill Milnes

1. Herbert: Sweethearts: "Sweethearts"

2. Bernstein: Wonderful Town: "It's love"

3. Herbert: Naughty Marietta: "'Neath the southern moon"

4. Romberg: The Desert Song: "The desert song"

5. Romberg: Up in Central Park: "Close as pages in a book"

6. Romberg: Up in Central Park: "The Fireman's bride"

7. Herbert: Eileen: "Thine alone"

8. Harbach: Rose-Marie: " Indian love call"

9. Herbert: Naughty Marietta: "It never, never can be love"

10. O. Straus: The Chocolate Soldier: "My hero"

Conductor: Julius Rudel, New York City Opera Orchestra
Date & Location: 1978; New York City
Label & Catalog numbers:
CD CDC-7 47203 2 EMI Angel
LP S-37323 Angel Records