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Beverly Sills Music Room Instruction

There are three options for listening to these excerpts:

1. The "Music Player" itself:
Click the play button to start listening to the musical selections.

The playlist loads automatically, then starts playing the first excerpt.
the loading time depending of the speed of your Internet connection).

You may click on any number in the list to hear that particular selection
(the numbers match up with the descriptions above the player).

You can move the list up and down with the controls on the right hand side of the player. You can start, stop, pause and skip selections with the controls at the top left of the player.
(If you move to another page, the connection is lost).

2. The Popup Player:
Clicking on the line "Launch Music Player in New Window " will allow you to listen while visiting other pages and other sites. All the controls work the same as the player on the page itself.

3. Alternate Players
If you have a Windows Media or IPOD Podcast player on your computer, you can click on the appropriate link to load the aria onto your preferred player to access them whenever you want.