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Granados: Quejas o la maja y el ruiseñor
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Porque entre sombras el ruiseñor
Entona su armonioso cantar?
Acaso al rey del dia guarda rencor
Y de el quiera algun agravio vengar?
Guarda quizas su pecho
oculto tal dolor,
Que en la sombra espera
alivio hallar,
Triste eontonando
cantos de amor,
Ay! de amor.

Y tal vez alguna flor
Temblorosa del pudor de amar,
Es la sclava, es la sclava
Enamorada de su cantar!
Misterio es el cantar que entona
Envuelto en sombra el ruiseñor!
Ah! son los amores como flor,
Como flor a merced de la mar.

Amor! Amor!
Ah! no hay cantar sin amor.

Why does the nightingale in the gloom
Pour out her soul in amorous song?
Has she a grievance 'gainst
the monarch of day?
Is it thus that she
avenges her wrong?
Maybe she holds within
her breast a hidden grief,
And in darkness hopes to find relief,
While sadly intoning her song of love.
Ay! song of love.

Maybe somewhere there is a rose,
Blushing at her modest thoughts of love,
Who is the slave,
The loverlorn, song-enchanted slave,
of the nightingale.
Mystic, passionate song that she intones
Deep within her dewy vale!
Ah! how like a flower love does seem,
Like a flower borne on by the stream!

Ah, Love! Ah, love!
Ah! without song, there is no love.