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Adam: Le Toreador - Ah vous dirai-je, maman
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Ah! Vous dirai-je maman
ce qui cause mon tourment;
Depuis que j'ai vu Clitandre
me regarder d'un air tendre
mon coeur dit it chaque instant
peut-on vivre sans amant?

Cet air me semble charmant je veux
Ie dire souvent oui cet air est charmant
Son motif entrainant produit
Ie sentiment Ie plus tendre,
j'aime son mouvement vous
bercant mollement il est elegant
Elegant, Ie coeur bat
seulement it l'entendre.

Ah! I shall tell you mother
who causes my torment;
Since I have seen Clitandre
looking at me in so tenderly a manner,
my heart says at every moment
"is one able to live without a lover?"

This look, it seems to me, is charming.
I want to tell him again and again
"Yes, this look is charming!"
His motive produces the tenderest sentiments.
I love the way he moves which,
rocking you
gently, is equally expressive, elegant.
The heart beats nearly at hearing it.