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Donizetti : Maria Stuarda - È sempre la stessa
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È sempre la stessa
superba, orgogliosa;
coll'alma fastosa m'inspira furor...
Ma tace; sta oppressa
da giusto terror, ecc.

Sul viso sta impressa
di quella tiranna
la truce condanna,
il fiero livor.
Quest'anima oppressa
da crudo timor, ecc.

Almeno tacesse
nel seno reale
quell'ira fatale
quel cieco furor,
che barbaro oppresse
un giglio d'amor, ecc.

Nell'anima ho impressa
la tema funesta.
Oh! quale si appresta
cimento a quel cor!
Ciel! Salva l'oppressa
da nuovo rancor, ecc.

La misera ha impressi
in volto gli affanni
nè gli astri tiranni
si placano ancor.
Salvarla potessi
de tanto dolor, ecc.

Vendetta repressa
scoppiare già sento,
nel fiero cimento
mi palpita il cor.
Fia vittima oppressa
di eterno dolor, ecc.

She is always the same,
proud, overbearing;
with her haughty spirit
she moves me to wrath...
But she is silent,
subdued by rightful panic, etc.

On the face of that tyrant
stands written her
grim condemnation,
her proud spite.
This soul is crushed
by cruel fear, etc.

At least there is stilled
in her royal breast
that fatal wrath,
that blind rage,
that has savagely oppressed
a pure and lovely flower, etc.

In my soul I feel fear and foreboding.
Oh, what an ordeal is
being readied for that heart.
Heavens! May the beset
creature be spared from
new troubles, etc.

The unfortunate woman
has her sufferings stamped
on her features; nor are
the despotic stars placated yet.
If I could only spare her
from such a great grief, etc.

Repressed vengeance,
I feel it ready to explode;
in this strenuous ordeal my
heart is beating wildly. May the
victim be overwhelmed
with eternal pain, etc.