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Date: 9/19/2007, 5:14 pm, EDT
Name: Teresa Schultz
Location: USA - Indianapolis, IN
Number: 505

What a wonderful, beautiful, person! I watched a show last night on PBS and was entranced! I shall miss her!

Date: 9/18/2007, 7:11 pm, EDT
Name: SarahB
Location: NYC
Number: 504

I love your site. I have a clip from NY1 about the tribute at the Met on Sunday. It's an m3u file and I don't have the software to convert it to load on youtube. If you would like to have it, email me.

Date: 9/18/2007, 6:17 am, EDT
Name: Alessio
Location: Rome, Italy
Number: 503

I'm reading just now her autobiography and it just confirms me the idea I had about this great singer: a funny, smart, sensible, generous lady. She's never a Diva in her book, just a woman who loved singing and with a no simple life, for a lot of reasons. Anyway her smile is really like a light and I'm sure it was always a sincere and spontaneous smile. I love her, really. I'd like to share opinions and materials about Her; if you want please contact me. Ciao.

Date: 9/18/2007, 1:03 am, EDT
Name: David Ponder
Location: Baltimore Maryland USA
Number: 502

I just got back last Sunday night from NY City where I attended a Tribute/Memorial to Beverly Sills at the Metropolitan Opera House. Singers included Anna Netrebko and Placido Domingo and speakers included Michael Bloomberg, Carol Burnett, Henry Kissinger, Julius Rudel, Barbara Walters. This will probably go down as the most historic event I've ever attended. The most beautiful singing of the evening was of course recorded footage of Miss Sills. In between the sad and touching moments where I left many many tears running down my checks to be soaked up by my shirt, there were many wonderful stories of Beverly's humor and wit, even a few short days before her death.

As a teenage boy the first thing I would do when the TV Guide came in the mail was to check it for appearances of my favorite gal. I wanted to grow up and marry Beverly. Of course, there were some rather big hurdles such as her husband Peter and the age difference. I had to settle for just buying all her records and CDs.

Its been a very sad summer for me and I've listened to her singing every day since her passing. I only met her briefly three times (actually 2.5 since one was just sign language were I told her "I loved and adored her" when she hosted a fourth of July concert from Washington DC) and I had just drafted a letter to send her just a few short weeks before she died. Beverly was always so busy, I didn't want to bother her will my silly babblings. She had worked so hard all her life and after losing her husband, I thought that she would finally have a moment to relax and enjoy all the wonderful work she had accomplished.

Damn it! I wanted her here at least another 10 or 15 years. There is a beautiful song by Krongold - Marietta's Lied and the last line translates something like this - If some day you must leave me, trust that we’ll meet in heaven. If there is such a place and they let me in, it will be Beverly that I'll look for first and thank her for making my life so much richer.

Thank you Beverly, I love you, rest in peace.

Date: 9/17/2007, 9:45 pm, EDT
Name: Julius A. Elias
Location: Storrs CT
Number: 501

I have most of her recordings, but especially cherish some of the Strauss items: her Zerbinetta in Ariadne, a rare video of a concert performance in Boston under Leinsdorf, and the finest "Breit' über mein Haupt" among the many I have, an exquisitely breathless account of a lover who can hardly believe that her love is reciprocated. And her Daphne!

Date: 9/17/2007, 6:47 pm, EDT
Name: Wm Bond
Number: 500

What a great tribute to OUR opera star. Yesterday was bittersweet, and the voice continues every day throughout my home as it has the past 35 or so years. I will miss you so.

Date: 9/17/2007, 3:38 pm, EDT
Name: AnneMarie Lowell
Location: New York, NY
Number: 499

I had the marvelous privilege of being a NYCO sweaty extra back in the mid-70s. Ms. Sills was one of the most generous, down-to-earth people I'd known in my show business career and when things get back, I recall her philosophy of not having to be happy but to be cheerful as it is contagious (and who needs a grumpy faced person). I shall miss her presence on this earth greatly.

Date: 9/17/2007, 11:52 am, EDT
Name: bianchi stefano
Location: milano italy
Number: 498

beverly sills, singing Pamyra in assedio di Corinto, was the first great soprano I heard. I was nine year old.

I never forget the quality of the sound in the hall of La Scala and the characterization of Pamyra. The real sound and the belcanto interpretation.
None as Mrs Sills

Date: 9/13/2007, 12:56 am, EDT
Name: Christian Hardy
Location: Oakland, California
Number: 497

When I was a teenager I visited the Cincinnatti Opera. I wold sneak into the front rows when the lights went down and never missed one of Beverly Sills operas. She was inspiring, a true marvel to watch and to listen to. Even today, I listen to her voice daily and still marvel at the virtuosity that she exemplified. It is so sad that she has left us - yet her legacy will always remain. Amazing recordings, amazing accomplishments. She was truly inspiring and inspired - a true American Treasure.

To her family I send my deepest condolensces at your loss. Know that for many of us, her presence on this Earth taught us lessons of humility, passion for music, and showed us the beauty that is the voice. I too cry when I listen to her sing and watch the videos that I have. How sad that she is no longer with us. I only know that somewhere she is watching over another American jewel and helping her to find the joy and happiness that she experienced. God bless you Beverly - we miss you and will always remember you.

Date: 9/12/2007, 5:32 am, EDT
Name: eurpo
Location: Taiwan
Number: 496

It is amazing in Beverly Sills' voice.
Thanks that you give me a chance to listen to live singing.

Date: 9/6/2007, 10:34 pm, EDT
Name: Mary
Location: USA--Stockbridge, GA
Number: 495

I have always loved Beverly Sills. I just had found out today that she had died back in July. I am sooo shocked about that. I remember her fondly from her guest star role on The Muppet Show--what an awesome and incredibly Bubbly personality!! And such an Amazzzzing voice. She will definitely be missed. REST IN PEACE--Beverly!!!

Date: 9/6/2007, 6:37 pm, EDT
Name: yves de kerpoisson
Number: 494

au revoir,chere beverly..aujourd'hui je dis adieu a une grande voix,et a une grande vous ecoute depuis si longtemps,vous resterez toujours presente pour moi.merci pour votre talent,et votre chaleur..

Date: 9/1/2007, 11:41 pm, EDT
Name: valleri callahan
Location: Raleigh
Number: 493

Dear Beverly,
We all loved you so much, not only for your gorgeous voice, but for your approachability. You made us all want to learn more about singing and opera, but also you taught us to save some of ourselves for those we love.

Date: 8/28/2007, 7:28 pm, EDT
Name: Gail Tweedy
Location: New York, NY
Number: 492

Thank you for sharing with the world your amazing gift. Because of your dedication and stregnth the world of music is being enjoyed by so many more people today than ever before.

You will be so missed.

Date: 8/28/2007, 12:26 am, EDT
Name: Robert ADAMS
Location: Australia
Number: 491

As a longtime fan of Beverly, far away in Australia, I was introduced to her lovely voice after purchasing a copy of her performance in the full Lucia di Lammermoor. Since that time I have been a freat fan of this wonderful lady. Her biographical material is inspirational. Another great delight was her recording of

Bellini's I Capuleti e i Montecchi with the British mezzo Dame Janet Baker. Try as I could to obtain details of that recording in Beverly of Janet Baker's biographies, I did not succeed. The magic that the two of them created in that recording was electrifying. My condolences to the remaining member of the family...
from Bob ADAMS, Adelaide, South Australia

Date: 8/26/2007, 8:33 pm, EDT
Name: Nancy Bacon
Location: California
Number: 490

I never got to see her in person, but she truly was magical. What a marvelous talent and such a gracious lady.

Date: 8/24/2007, 3:22 pm, EDT
Name: lindsey wilhite
Location: kalamazoo,michigan
Number: 489

I remember vividly the first time I heard Beverly Sills. I consider myself an opera buff personified having fallen in love with opera at the age of eight.

Opera was my salvation, growing up in the projects of Benton Harbor, Michigan, it was the world of music in general and opera in particular that gave me the courage to continue life and to try to accomplish something with the life I was given.

Beverly Sills,along with all the other greats of this singularly difficult art form, was and will always be for me a source of solace in a world that is not always filled with happiness. I have heard live, all the current great sopranos past and present and not a single one could equal Beverly Sills and the ease with which she sang in her prime...she sang the way most of us talk, with an effortlessness that was incredible and to top it all off with a sensitivity to lyrics that went straight to the soul.

I'm thankful for the many recordings,dvd's etc that exist to guarantee her immortality, although for me she will always be an inhabitant of the land wherein immortals dwell.

Thank you Beverly/Bubbles in peace.

Date: 8/24/2007, 12:48 am, EDT
Name: luis murillo
Location: new york,the hamptoms,sag harbor
Number: 488

I can´t belive how can a person be how she was. Beverly sills had this glow of happines and she was so profesional.She was a great singer but her personality was amasing. I see beverly as a role model. I wish that one day i will be like her, as a singer and as a person.

Date: 8/23/2007, 4:45 am, EDT
Name: Nancy
Location: California
Number: 487

Beverly Sills gave a recital in my hometown in 1977. I was only 16 years old at the time and had no particular interest in opera before that evening. Her performance changed my life. For years, I was obsessed with opera. To make a long story short, her passing has re-awakened my fascination for this incredible performer and her art. I find myself crying when I listen to her voice.

How's it possible to miss so much someone that I never personally knew? Such greatness as that possessed by Miss Sills is rare in this world. I guess that is the loss we mourn so deeply.

Date: 8/19/2007, 5:07 pm, EDT
Name: Peggy
Location: Florida
Number: 486

I just discovered this wonderful website and so many messages from all over the world. We were given this great talent and this great woman for such a short time.

I remember seeing her so many times on television but sadly never in person. I loved her laugh. When she smiled, the world lit up. When she sang, the heaves opened. She had a presence. It was just a short time ago that I saw a mentioned in The New York Post that she was hospitalized and that her health was failing.

Date: 8/19/2007, 3:55 am, EDT
Name: Darla Richerson
Location: Arlington, TX
Number: 485

I haved been in awe at the art of Beverly Sills all of my life. To me, there will never be a more inspiring and beautiful voice. She was THE voice of my lifetime and my students and I are blessed by her gift. I am so saddened by her passing and she lives on through us, her devoted fans.

Date: 8/17/2007, 2:39 pm, EDT
Name: Marian Horton
Location: Citrus Heights, California
Number: 484

What a glorious woman, with a glorious voice. What a huge hole she leaves. God Bless you, Beverly. Heaven is a richer place for your presence and that voice.

Date: 8/15/2007, 4:56 pm, EDT
Name: anonymous
Number: 483

My deepest sympathy to Beverly's family. My father sang with her at the Met and also made recordings with her. He said she was a gem of a lady. I will always think of her with great affection. A wonderful performer and friend.

Date: 8/13/2007, 2:45 am, EDT
Name: jhumphries
Location: Victoria, BC
Number: 482

I find myself unwilling to let go of this website; my last connection to Beverly Sills. I had a relationship with her that has lasted throughout my adult life starting in my teens, when I discovered opera, and was inspired largely by Ms. Sills. My relationship was, of course, very one sided; I had an intense interest in all things 'Beverly' while she had no knowledge of my existence on the planet! I did share the stage with her in Edmonton in 1977 when she came to sing Daughter of the Regiment, and I was an adoring chorus member, and I shall never forget the excitment of being in her presence, and feeling the power of her performance. Her her influence and inspiration have been foundational for me. I shall miss knowing that she lives, but her presence will be felt for a long time to come. I wish her family all the best; especially Meredith, who I hope finds comfort in knowing how special her mother was to so many!

Date: 8/13/2007, 1:05 am, EDT
Name: gary browne
Location: Rochester, NY
Number: 481

Beverly was beyond special. She was magical. She will be greatly missed by everyone who ever heard her live!

Date: 8/11/2007, 7:43 am, EDT
Name: Stephanie
Number: 480

I remember watching Ms. Sills' last opera, televised on PBS. (Of course, this was before cable)

It was a wonderful farewell. Kitty Carlisle had a small role in the production. I bit sad, to note, that she also recently passed.

Date: 8/10/2007, 8:46 pm, EDT
Name: Don
Location: New York City
Number: 479

My sincere condolences to Beverly's daughter Meredith and to the extended family of Beverly. I was very saddened to hear of Beverly's death in July. I pray for her and her family members during this difficult time. The main reason I now like Opera is due mostly to having heard Beverly sing at the City Opera in the very early 1970's . THe first time I saw her live i was mezmorized by what i heard and what I saw her do with a character. I never knew anyone who could sing so fast and so high !!!!!!! Luckily, I was able to see her a number of times at the City OPera and at the Met and was always moved and impressed. What an amazing talented woman with a gift which she shared with so many people . Her music will live for generations of people to be inspired and moved as I have been and continue to be. May she rest in peace !

Date: 8/10/2007, 12:24 am, EDT
Name: Lynn
Location: Austin, TX
Number: 478

I just found out that my favorite singer was not longer with us. I wish to say thank you to her family for sharing her with all of us. I loved to listen to her sing, even though I did not understand the words you knew what the song was about by her voice and actions.
I know the Lord must have something special that He wanted her to do. It is with much regret that I say Good-by My Special Beverly Sills. I will miss you, but I thank you for all the Love you gave up and leave with us now. Thank You, Beverly. Love Lynn

Date: 8/8/2007, 8:44 pm, EDT
Name: Martha Campbell
Location: Austin, TX
Number: 477

I'm watching the PBS program about Beverly Sills. She will always be one of my heroes. As a girl growing up in the backwater, blue collar town of Beaumont, Texas, I was able to find a love or Opera through her beautiful voice, and human warmth. I somehow felt I knew her, and I loved her.

It was my great honor to hear her in person on several occasions in New Orleans and in Ft. Worth. I will always treasure those experiences.

Date: 8/7/2007, 11:09 pm, EDT
Name: Julia Perry
Location: huntsville, al
Number: 476

I'm just bawling tonite. It's my birthday and my mom sent me the CD set of Hoffman with Bubbles and Norman Treigle. I heard it on XM the weekend after the world lost her, and had mentioned it to mom. So, what a lovely surprise!

I grew up in San Antonio and was oh, so fortunate that my mother was in the chorus for the locally produced operas. From what I recall, Sills' appearances sretched from the mid-60s when San Antonio housed the World's Fair, to Barber in 1977.

The year of her farewell tour, I happened to be studying harpsichord in South Carolina where she was to give a recital one night, and I was waiting tables in between classes. Who should appear in my section that afternoon but one of the local grande dammes and M/M Peter Grenough! One of the altime highs of my life, even if it WAS 27 years ago.

Well, as I said, her performance in the Hoffman CDs drove me to tears. How perfectly she and maestro Rudel worked together! America is so fortunate that she was such a plucky broad... she never could have NOT excelled at those bel canto roles and helped to put American opera on the map, but we'd have all loved her even if she had not been able to make such tracks internationally.

Thanks for providing this forum.... farewell, dear Bubbles.

Date: 8/6/2007, 1:35 pm, EDT
Name: Phyllis Stewart
Location: Lebanon, PA
Number: 475

A great voice has been stilled and a compassionate, generous and kind woman has been sent to her rest.

I hope that as Meredith Greenough reads the poignant and moving e-mails left on this site she realizes — and perhaps takes comfort in — the indelible impact her mother made on people — from all walks of life — throughout the world.

What a great gift Beverly Sills' life and laughter as well as her artistry were. May she rest in peace.

Date: 8/6/2007, 12:06 pm, EDT
Name: sonia
Location: argentina
Number: 474

I hope she and my dad meet in the world to come. We all felt music, and yes, opera, a part of our lives. I wonder what impressions they'll be exchanging!

Date: 8/2/2007, 5:00 pm, EDT
Name: Ed Hensley
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Number: 473

"A Jewel here on earth, a jewel up in heaven," this line from an old Roy Acuff Hillbilly song, are all the more true for our lost Jewel of a Human Being and Lady, "Bubbles."
To continue that old Acuff folk song, "She'll brighten the Kingdom around God's Great Throne." The late great Beverly Sills, is for this old Misourri farm house born Hillbilly Ed, proof positive that God so Loves mankind as to lend us "Bubbles" for 78 years. Now she belongs to the ages, with earth a bit dimmer & heaven far brighter!

Date: 8/2/2007, 11:35 am, EDT
Name: iuu
Location: china
Number: 472

Beverly Sills,伟大的花腔女高音!

Date: 8/1/2007, 12:31 pm, EDT
Name: allan shapiro
Location: nyc
Number: 471

She was a consumate performer. Always giving more than required. She gave all and more for her roles. She had a lovely voice , not huge, but very special and gave new energy to the roles she assumed.
We will miss her

Date: 7/31/2007, 10:07 pm, EDT
Name: Bryan Thomas
Location: Denver, Colorado
Number: 470

In 1979, I was a senior in high school in the south, and I took what little money I had to travel to Memphis, Tennessee to see Bubbles sing the role of Norina in "Don Pasquale." I wrote to Bubbles at the City Opera and asked her advice on how a young singer should plan a career. Bubbles sent me a personalized postcard, which doubled as a backstage pass, and after her performance, Bubbles was gracious enough to share her thoughts and advice with me. Bubbles gave me the the most marvelous gift of all: the gift of herself. Bubbles was a consumate artist, without a doubt! But, I was fortunate enough to also get to meet the wonderful, gracious lady that possessed a generous, loving heart that matched her singularly amazing talent! I shall fondly remember Bubbles until the end of my days.

Date: 7/31/2007, 1:58 pm, EDT
Name: Jean Francois Mathou
Location: Paris France
Number: 469

Mon adresse email temoigne de la passion que j'éprouve pour BEVERLY SILLS. Mes pensées vont vers la famille de cette immense Artiste et dans un sourire de larmes j imagine un ailleur désormais fleuri d'iris frémissant aux battements d'un trille. MERCI.

Date: 7/28/2007, 3:46 pm, EDT
Name: David
Location: Germany
Number: 468

Thank you so much, dear Beverly. Your voice was given by G-d and you knew how to make your audience happy. Once again: BRAVISSIMA!

Date: 7/28/2007, 11:09 am, EDT
Name: John Maxwell
Location: Olympia, WA
Number: 467

When one is raised with certain pervasive images of of an idea of how life can be, especially when someone themself is starting out. It becomes hard to fathom that you have to one day let it go. I was born in the 70's, Beverly was one of the cultural touchstones that I grew up with along with a few, rare others, who could not help but carve a trench in my psyche one being human. Yes... ... I watch her performances when she was broadcast on Television or 'kibbitzing' with her friend Carol Burnette. Where Beverly left the mark was in the ways she related and corresponded with those around. To me that is most important in life... ... One can be a star, a celebrity, but at the end of the day, what do you have left to account for in your days on this earth???--- Something tells me her real legacy will leave an everlasting reverberation, for a long, long time to come.

Date: 7/27/2007, 6:33 am, EDT
Name: Gert
Location: Amsterdam - The Netherlands
Number: 466

Her death makes me sad. As far as I know she never gave a performance in the Netherlands; at any rate I never had the opportunity to hear her live. To me, the grief and intensity of her Elizabeth and the tenderness of her Baby Doe are unforgettable. She was one of the most radiant operasingers ever.

Date: 7/26/2007, 2:19 am, EDT
Name: Norberto
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Number: 465

Aun recuerdo su magnetismo alla por 1972 cuando pude deleitarme con su canto y presencia en la transmision televisiva que se efectuo desde el teatro colon de su memorable lucia junto a Alfredo Kraus.

Luedo fuerno sus videos y grabaciones. La magia de su voz resonara en el silencio de las mentes de quienes la oimos alguna vez.

Hasta siempre Beverly.

Date: 7/25/2007, 5:58 pm, EDT
Name: Mary McDevitt
Location: San Francisco, CA
Number: 464

I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your aunt. Although I never met her in person I felt a certain kinship. Perhaps it was that my father adored her for so long now or that she has been a part of my world via the media for as long as I can remember, but I know she was a very special lady and it always seemed her smiling face was smiling right at me.

My heartfelt sympathy goes out to you and your family. Although the years have passed since I've last seen you, the passing of your amazing aunt made me think of you and the loss you must be feeling.

You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

All my love,

Date: 7/25/2007, 5:17 pm, EDT
Name: Irene Hercules
Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Number: 463

I wasn't aware of her passing because I was on a ship with no communication system. I will always remember her from her bio, "Bubbles," when she spoke of her mother making her hair coloring for her, and also, when she went for voice lessons, if she didn't know how to trill, she would when she came out. She owed a great deal to her teacher. I will always remember her for courage in raising two challenged daughters.

Date: 7/25/2007, 5:13 pm, EDT
Name: Barbara Berg Sypult
Location: Dallas, TX
Number: 462

Dear Family,
I lived in Scarsdale, NY in 1958 and Beverly and my mother, Evelyn Berg, were friends who laughed alot and loved music. They also had the connection of dear Julius Rudel at Caramoor Festival (with whom I will be visiting this Friday in Aspen) and NYCO. We often heard about Muffy and I would sit and listen to my mother relate her wonderful times with Beverly. When she moved to San Antonio, Beverly came and was involved with another of Mom's musical projects. I still have the book she signed for me many years ago and the fond memories of her love of Peter and her family....and of course, music. Our sincerest sympathies to each of you, Barb and Bob Sypult

Date: 7/23/2007, 4:53 pm, EDT
Name: Mike Russell
Location: Salinas, CA
Number: 461

I had the privilege of hearing Beverly sing in recital at the University of Colorado at Boulder in 1974. At the time, I thought it odd that she did not address the audience before singing, and did not comment between selections. I remember thinking that other than sounding a little tight in her upper register (not surprising, since other touring sopranos on the far side of their early operatic triumphs - Moffo and Caballe that year in Denver - seemed to find the dry air of Colorado a challenge), Beverly sounded wonderful and sang with easy assurance. All the more shocking when at the completing of her program, she barely croaked out an apology for the state of her voice while fighting a cold. Even more unbelievable was her invitation to all of us to join her backstage for a meet and greet. I will never forget her supreme artistry, generosity of spirit and absolute commitment to excellence. If you haven't done so already, read her book, Beverly: An Autobiography. Other than hearing her sing live, I think it offers much of what you need to know in understanding what Beverly Sills was all about. Ciao Baby (Doe).

Date: 7/21/2007, 12:04 am, EDT
Name: Miriam P Conley
Location: Kea'au, Hawaii
Number: 460

Aloha to Bubble's a retired occupational therapist I walked in the March of Dimes for years and remember her championing the cause to prevent birth a voice major before choosing OT I loved her voice, the sweetest ever. I know Muffy will carry her torch...meke aloha pumehana.
Pua Conley

Date: 7/20/2007, 3:45 pm, EDT
Name: Janet
Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Number: 459

My deepest sympathy goes to the family of Bubbles and to all of those who love her. When I heard her little 7-year-old voice, I cried and cried. She endured so many of Life's rough spots, yet she gave us all something to cherish forever. What a lovely, kind, sweet Lady! All of us have lost something wonderful in her passing.

Date: 7/20/2007, 12:05 pm, EDT
Name: Peter Hammes
Location: Wuppertal/Germany
Number: 458

Our sincere condolence to all oft the Beverly Sills family,
she was unreachable in singing Bellini, Donizetti and Verdi. We have always honoured her as great artist and remember many unforgetable nights at the Opera, her beautifull voice will stay alive on many records. We keep her in mind for ever and bow down before her.
God bless her and all people she left behind.

Date: 7/20/2007, 11:01 am, EDT
Name: michael
Location: pennsylvania
Number: 457

three nyc college kids had heard you could to say hello to beverly sills after her performances at he city opera and so we mistakenly went to the stage door--not knowing that you could go to her dressing room---and waited for about a 45 minutes when suddenly elevator doors opened and bevelry sills appeared alone and went to her mailbox. she whriled around and without skipping a beat starting to chat aloud about a letter she was reading from a fan--we looked around and suddenly realized she was talking to us. we told her we had wanted to greet her with her famous "tu perversa" gesture from the last act of roberto devereux and she gave us her famous beverly sills laughter and smile and said she would have enjoyed that very much. a couple of years later i went backstage at the city opera to chat with beverly sills again and she isntantly told me she thought she knew me--i was stunned and said, no i don't think so--finally i recollected our first meeting and she kindly said, yes i remember the "tu perversa kids"

what i will remember most about beverly sills, and that is beyound the great personality, the warmth that everyone here has attested to, and the amazing dual careers she had, is that she was for me, first and foremost the greatest singing actress i have ever experienced on an opera stage and that she is one of the monumental singers of all times, with unique ablities that are too often overshadowed by her larger than life--life!

beverly sills combined the most conviincing acting i have ever witnessed on an opera stage----and this includes callas-in a wide range of characters from the dramtic to comedic, with vocal qualties and technique that alone would have earned her a renowned place in opera history.

i have never heard anyone else move their voice with such complete assurance, run thorugh coloratura runs, roulades, arpegios, cadenzas, trills with such abiliy, charm, coloraton. in additon, her legato and leggiero singing were peerless, and her abilitiy to swing up to d's and dflats filled with pathos and melting tones of pure silver was astounding. and of course the phrasing that added meaning to what seemed every note she sang and every bit of text she uttered was nothing less than incredble.

when you see her at age 8 perfroming on an early fillm clip, you realize so much of her ablitiy was instinctive and there from early on.

i mourn a great person, one of the greatest singers who has ever lived, and having seen her perhaps in a hundred live performances in nyc, boston and newark (for her normas) combined, i mourn the loss of lucia, violetta, norma, pamira, rosina, marie, elvira, manon, baby doe, elizabetta, anna, maria, that i --and all of us-- will never know the likes of again.

my sincere condolences to ms. sills daughter and son and her brother and family.

Date: 7/20/2007, 3:40 am, EDT
Name: Heather Glynn
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Number: 456

It has been so nice to read all these wonderful tributes! Even though I am a musician myself (5'8" redhead like Beverly, to boot), I didn't follow her career nor did I know that much about her as a person until she passed away a few weeks ago. Well, my curiosity got the best of me and, as Beverly herself would say, I wanted to "see what all the fuss was about." Now I know, and I am left feeling an unmistakable sadness that this brilliant light has gone out. You might ask, "How can you suddenly feel such loss over someone you didn't know at all? A celebrity, no less?" That is a valid question. I am certainly not one given to randomly putting stars or anyone else, for that matter, on a pedestal. I expect a lot out of people - myself included - and respect is something you really have to earn with me.

However, I feel I have learned enough about Beverly Sills in the last few weeks to conclude that this is not any ordinary person; this is an exceptional human being on many levels - musician, mother, humanitarian, etc. Unfortunately, some stuffy music professors I had in college turned me off of opera and classical music years ago with their elitist stance, and I closed my mind to it. In so doing, I missed out on many years of not hearing Ms. Sills' splendid voice and getting to know the person behind it. Hindsight being 20/20 (as it always is), I now deeply regret this. (I wish Beverly were here now - I would so love to have met her!)

Though I marvel at Beverly Sills the artist, it is her warmth and genuine love for people that has enchanted me. Very few human beings take the time to really care the way she did, and when someone like a Beverly Sills leaves this earth, it leaves one a little "out of sorts." It's a crazy and often lonely world we live in today. People are too isolated from one another, and there's little sense on my part that many want to change. (Not that I'm perfect - I could certainly improve my relationships as well.) Beverly set the bar for the rest of us. She genuinely cared and never hesitated to show it. She could have acted like a diva, but she didn't. Because of this, she won the hearts of everyone that came into contact with her - celebs and common folk alike. What a marvelous legacy she has left behind!

As an aspiring professional musician myself, I only hope I am lucky enough someday to carry her torch. (Of compassion, that is. Musically, she's one of a kind!) To Ms. Sills' family - especially Muffy and Bucky - my heartfelt prayers are with you right now. Beverly, you may be gone physically, but your spirit lives on. Bravo on a life well lived!

Date: 7/19/2007, 3:59 pm, EDT
Name: Elizabeth Bugbee
Location: San Diego, CA
Number: 455

The mold has been broken--Beverly Sills cannot be duplicated. I have treasured memories of her eight opera performances with San Diego Opera.
She will always be with us and in our hearts through her recordings, which are priceless.
God love, bless and keep you, dear Bubbles, and bring comfort to your family.
Pax Vobiscum.

Date: 7/19/2007, 12:46 pm, EDT
Name: Gabriel Fornica-Livada
Location: Onesti, Romania
Number: 454

Je regrette infiniment de n'avoir pas réussi à lui dire combien elle nous a rendu heureux, moi et mon épouse! Un bonheur que seul le vrai art peut prodiguer... Il n'y a aucune autre Violetta qui puisse l'égaler! J'espère qu'elle recevra en hommage les larmes que nous versons chaque fois que nous l'écoutons!

Date: 7/19/2007, 11:03 am, EDT
Name: Jack Sullivan
Location: Indiana
Number: 453

My thoughts and prayers are with your family at this difficult time. We, the public, have lost a gifted singer and champion of the arts. You, however, have lost a loved one. Though this burden is great, take some comfort in knowing that our sympathy for all of you and love for Ms. Sills can be a source of strength.

Date: 7/18/2007, 2:23 pm, EDT
Name: Joe Malloy
Location: Istanbul
Number: 452

I was in high school in Jersey City and a wacky but wonderful teacher took us across the river to Lincoln Center to the OPERA—a first for all of us. It might have been Lucia or Roberto , or even Coq’dor, but, the star and the singer was Beverly Sills. You did not have to know about opera or theater or music to know that something miraculous was happening when she was on stage.

I was lucky enough to be around toward the end of her career, (when standing room for a student was 2 bucks at City Opera and you could always move down to the orchestra for the last act) when she was still robust and singing everything. The Donizetti queens, Tales of Hoffman, Manon, I Puritani, Daughter of the Regiment. Barbieri, and how many more at City Opera, where she would greet all the fans, accept our flowers, best wishes and silly questions with grace and laughter, even after hours of work on the stage. The debut of Siege at the Met, screaming to out-BRAVA the Shirley Verrett fans, and Traviata, and what else?

But, by biggest memory of her on stage was and always will be Lucia. I remember one performance, (had I seen it 5, 10 or 15 times?) when I had the experience of time standing still during the Mad Scene, of being hypnotized—how she moved and flowed around the stage like a 19 year old 90 pound ballerina, and sang and ran the arpeggios and trills—and all the time convincing us that she was indeed insane. They say there are peak moments in life, when time indeed stands still, that you will always be able to recall. I think of that moment from time to time, and very often over the past few days.

She taught me everything I know about opera, singing, performance because her influence led me to explore and experience the arts, and through it, so much about life. I consider her my great teacher, she opened a world to me that surpassed opera, it gave me a wonderful window to the world.

And, because of the world we live in now, we cannot forget you, you are with us always, as Sempre Libera (so appropriate) plays in my ears as I write this.

Thank you, Beverly Sills, you changed the world’s view of opera, and what it means to be an artist that lives in the real world. And, thanks again, for changing the world for me.

Date: 7/17/2007, 8:35 pm, EDT
Name: Max E. Renfroe
Location: Brandon, Mississippi
Number: 451

I first experienced Beverly's voice back in 1990 when a friend loaned me a cd titled The Art of Beverly Sills. I became an instant fan. Over the years, I have collected books, dvds, pictures, whatever I could lay my hands on. Aside from her incredible voice, Beverly possessed a quality that I always found refreshing. She made herself accessible and did not give herself airs. A quality all opera singers should attempt to emulate. Your Manon will never be matched. Of all your roles, it is my favorite! Bev, we know you're singing higher than ever. What a wonderful legacy you've left behind. No one will ever silence the fastest voice alive!!! We love you!!!!

Date: 7/16/2007, 9:54 pm, EDT
Name: Kristine
Location: Erie, Colorado
Number: 450

Oh words cannot express my utmost saddness..the world has lost a true professional with an amazing talent and heart. Beverly and I met when I was 12 and she took an untalented gaingly tomboy and made her use the voice God gave her...I have bragged that I never would have found my voice nor my calling nor had the life I have had without Beverly giving me a push and a start and showing me her light...God is with you Beverly, you are still my inspiration and my hero

All my love~


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