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Date: 7/16/2007, 7:14 pm, EDT
Name: Daniel Kremer
Location: Saint-Étienne, France
Number: 449

La disparition de Beverly Sills accable l'amoureux fervent du bel canto que je suis. Cette voix exceptionnelle et cette artiste immense restera à jamais gravée dans mon coeur. Son souvenir m'est d'autant plus cher qu'elle sut avec quelle élégance et quel brio interpréter de façon mémorable Massenet - musicien né à Saint-Étienne, ma ville natale - et faire rayonner, à travers un français raffiné et naturel à la fois, la Culture de mon pays.

Je tiens à assurer sa famille de ma sympathie la plus profonde.
Je ne l'oublierai jamais.

Date: 7/16/2007, 3:21 pm, EDT
Name: vicky cosgrove
Location: Little Neck, NY
Number: 448

I was so saddened to hear of Beverly Sill's death while I was at a music camp called Cammac in Quebec. They had it posted on their bulletin board! I had only become very interested in opera right after her retirement and always regretted never seeing her on the stage. She had a great influence on me though because of her enthusiasm and I had joined the New York City Opera Guild in which she played a vital role. I remember being on a New York City Opera boat ride that had upcoming opera stars for entertainment as we sailed up and down the river. Beverly was so friendly and gracious. She took a genuine delight in discovering wonderful new talent. She was at numerous opera guild events introducing young singers that went on to have great careers. She inspired me so that I sent her a little doll of her image that I made especially for her. I still have her personal thank you note and will treasure it always. The world of classical music lost a monumental friend. She is greatly missed but I will remember all the joy she gave others through her life!

Date: 7/16/2007, 12:05 am, EDT
Name: Hetty
Location: Riverside, CA
Number: 447

I'm sorry to hear of your mom's demise. It sure came as a shock to me, but my prayers and thoughts are with you and your family. (Muffy was my classmate in NY). I've fond memories of your mom coming to our classroom. I remember us (your classmates) were being insistent on your mom singing for us. We were surprised your mom was shy . Little did we know why she politely declined. May thewonderful memories of your mom be of some comfort to you and your family.

Date: 7/15/2007, 8:21 am, EDT
Name: Vicki Melton
Location: Atlanta Ga.
Number: 446

Sills and Burnette at the Met was spectacular 1976. This was the first time I saw Ms. Sills from then on I was hooked as a fan for thirty years, until her recent untimely death. May you rest in peace dear lady,

Date: 7/14/2007, 7:27 pm, EDT
Name: LaTonya Star
Location: Memphis
Number: 445

I just had an opportunity this year to learn about your music. I must admit that when I first heard you sing, I became inspired. I finally found someone that voice makes me want to duplicate it to every once of the note.

I am going to find every article that I can along with every song so that I can memorize it and perfect with gift just as the way that you have perfected your gift.

Watching the PBS interview made me really realize what I have and that I do have to share it. Thanks for inspiring me.

Date: 7/14/2007, 7:16 pm, EDT
Name: Carlos Grimas
Location: David-Chiriqui Panama
Number: 444

She was indeed a great lady of the opera art of all times. Her voice was the voice of an angel and now she will be singing among the angels of heavenly God. I never forgot her outstanding performances as Lucia di Lammermoor with the great Carlo Bergonzi recorded in 1970 which no doubt is one of the greatest performances of this bel canto role. She will be in our harts and mines for ever as well as her marvelous recording collection.

Date: 7/14/2007, 3:49 pm, EDT
Name: Carlos Claure McCalmont
Location: San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Spain
Number: 443

I have been listening all afternoon and evening Beverly Sills' recordings. I can't believe she is gone. Thanks to modern technology generations to come will enjoy her legacy. She was a great singer and a marvelous woman. We'll all miss her. All my condolences to her family and to those around the world who have put their hearts together as a homage to her singing and personality. May the Lord have her in His kingdom.

Date: 7/13/2007, 9:59 pm, EDT
Name: Bryan
Location: Los Angeles
Number: 442

I have been so grateful to have had fantastic Beverly experiences and memories throughout my life. I remember hearing her on tv when I was young and when off to the record store with my allowance, my purchases would be the Doobie Bros., Peter Frampton and Beverly Sills - then I would play Beverly Sills for everyone I knew interjecting commentary like "can you believe someone can sing like that?". She did amazing things for Opera - making new fans out of rockers, now that is something. I got to see her in San Diego in the Merry Widow, then in Fledermaus with Joan Sutherland - some of the highlights of my life. I always wanted to meet her because I admired her so much, what she stood for, and for her unsurpassable talent. I knew friends of hers who were going to introduce me and I never got around to doing it - good lesson for me. If her family reads this, please know how much she will be missed and know what a fantastic legacy she left for music, opera, and humanity. Thank you Beverly, we love ya!!

Date: 7/13/2007, 3:48 am, EDT
Name: Александр
Location: Россия, Москва
Number: 441

С большой грустью узнал о смерти такой великой женщины и певицы!!! Она- одно из самых ярких музыкальных впечатлений. Никогда не забуду как она исполняла романс Джульетты из Монтеки Капулетти. А ее Клеопатра просто незабываемая. Я в последние дни часто ее слушаю. Мы, ее поклонники в Росси, будем всегда помнить о ней и ее великом искусстве.

Date: 7/12/2007, 8:15 pm, EDT
Name: Nicole
Location: New Jersey
Number: 440

My first memory of Beverly Sills was through my mother who has a wonderful coloratura voice, but was never trained. She idolized Beverly and would always listen to her recordings and watch the various met broadcasts and marvel how long it took Beverly to be hired at the met. I don't know if it was a true story about the Met or a way to make me practice more, but my mother always said Beverly had to fight to get there. As an emerging coloratura I always hold on to this story as inspiration. I learned my first roles - Norina and Baby Doe by studying her recordings. It was my dream that someday I would make it to NYCO to perform for Beverly and of course receive some of her wisdom. I mourn that I will never have the chance to do that.

Date: 7/12/2007, 5:29 pm, EDT
Name: Larry Marietta
Location: Berkeley, CA
Number: 439

My first encounter with Beverly Sills was in 1970, when she was singing Lucia for the Pittsburgh Opera. Being a poor college student then, my brother-in-law, who happened to be a ticket-taker at the door snuck me in for the performance. I had grown up listening to Lily Pon's rendition of Lucia, thinking that no one could possibly top her (ah, the ignorance of youth!)

From the moment of Sills entrance, she was mesmorizing. Not only could this woman sing beautifully (and better than Pons), but she could act as well! Her Mad Scene of that performance still lingers in my memory of an innocent woman totally driven to insanity by the cruelty of others. Her Lucia recording does not begin to do justice to her live performance. I somewhat regret her taking on heavier roles during the early 70's, even though she made it widely known that she was well aware of the vocal toll these operas would take--as well they did.

However, her performances are now benchmarks to which all other singers will aspire. We can marvel at how she balanced her career with her family and the challenges of her children, ceaselessly supporting their causes. She also brought opera into the home: I remember well her singing a smashing version of "O luce di quest 'anima" on the Tonight Show and then laughing out loud with the audience during the following interview. She did much to dispel the myth that all opera singers are divas and divos. Through many trials, tribulations and triumphs, she led Lincoln Center into the 21st Century. Her dedication to all the arts is a marvelous legacy that she leaves us...along with going down in history as one of the greatest singers of all times.

Date: 7/12/2007, 3:43 pm, EDT
Name: Scott Eaton
Location: Auburndale, FL
Number: 438

What an honor to have had the opportunity to meet and spend a few days with Beverly Sills during the promotion of her autobiography, BEVERLY. All I can say is that we have lost a special person. She was a bright light in an otherwise dim world. When offered an autographed book by her, I opened it to read these words, To Scott with thanks and a warm hug. Beverly Sills. The amazing part was that those words were adorned with the most heartfealt hug of appreciation I had ever experienced. I have not shed tears like this since the loss of my Mom. She will be missed.

Date: 7/12/2007, 12:39 pm, EDT
Name: Gary Packwood
Location: Alabama
Number: 437

I first saw Miss. Sills singing on television. I was only 8 or 9 and had no real interest in "classical" music, or opera for that matter. But as she began to to "Una voce poco fa" I was HOOKED! It would be 10 years later when I was a freshman music major, attendinding my very first "recital class," I knew that Miss. Sills singing was a sign. I sat in that recital hall, out walked a senior voice major, and she announced, "I will be singing Una voce poco fa." - I then knew that it was destiny - Thanks!

Date: 7/12/2007, 11:44 am, EDT
Name: Ingrid
Location: Heilbronn
Number: 436

With her one of the last great artits is gone.
She was an intelligent musician, with willpower, intelligence and love created she a lot of full three dimensions charakters. Her Elisabeth, her Manon will be live solang as Opera will be.

Date: 7/12/2007, 4:50 am, EDT
Name: Pierre
Location: belgium
Number: 435

from a young Belgian fan...
thanks Miss Sills....Merci pour tout le reve que vous m'avez procuré...

Date: 7/12/2007, 12:49 am, EDT
Name: leigh munro
Location: chestnut hill Penna.
Number: 434

My first professional engagement was to cover Beverly in the Boston Opera's production of Rigoletto. I remember being so nervous to be in her presence...she was a goddess to having watched her on t.v. and listened to everything she recorded. What I came to appreciate even more than her professional accomplishments,however, was her enormous sense of humanity. When I came to NYCO as her first soprano in "Student Prince",I realized I was in for an exciting and challenging musical ride.

Through the years I became even more impressed with her incredible intellect and fund of knowledge...No wallet could remain closed when she walked into a room. (I was fortunate enough to accompany her on some of her sojourns to embellish the bank account of NYCO.)..She never ceased to amaze me with her tireless energy, selfless devotion to all those who needed her, and enormous ability to effect change...a truly marvelous human being. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her.. Talent, brains, personality, selfless caring for others in need...There will never be another like her. Thank you, Beverly, for changing my life . I will miss you...and keep those special moments forever in my heart. No one could have been in your presence and not come away enriched. I send my thoughts and prayers out to all those who also knew and loved her.

Date: 7/11/2007, 9:09 pm, EDT
Name: Sandy Hudson
Location: Westfield, IN
Number: 433

It was my great fortune to see Beverly Sills in person seven times, four times before she retired--including that last night--and three times after. The first time I approached her for an autograph, backstage at The Met after Don Pasquale in 1979, I literally was struck dumb with awe and could only hold out the program and pen. Whether singing or talking about her life or dancing with a Muppet, she always held the audience's rapt attention. Has anybody else ever heard her tell about the time she invited a man, who she thought was a reporter, up to her room for a "quickie"? Hilarious! Barbara Walters' tribute on The View made me cry, as does the clip of her very last song in public. I loved Beverly Sills for over 30 years, and I will miss her forever. I can't help but think that the angelic choir sounds better and laughs more now.

Date: 7/11/2007, 6:45 pm, EDT
Name: Richard
Location: Boston
Number: 432

At the end of a marvelous recital in Boston's Symphony Hall (Feb, 1976) I surprised Beverly on stage with a bouquet of flowers. As I headed back to my seat she surprised me by grabbing my arm and giving me a kiss. The audience loved it. It was just Beverly being Beverly. Those of us lucky enough to have heard her live will treasure the memories. Beverly, thank you for all the joy!

Date: 7/11/2007, 6:27 pm, EDT
Name: Sarah
Location: Iowa, USA
Number: 431

As a young coloratura soprano hoping to one day make it in the opera world I spent many many hours listening to sopranos, coloraturas in particular. Of all the women I listened to, there was never a voice so sweet and tender as that of Beverly Sills and she quickly became my favorite singer. As I learned more about her life and her advocation of the arts my admiration for her grew. She has become not only my favorite singer but a clear role model in music, art and life. I learned of her death from my voice teacher, which is fitting since it was she who introduced me to Bubbles. I mourn the loss of this amazing woman and can only hope to be a fraction of the woman and performer that she was.

God Bless her family in this difficult time.
May the angels carry her to a beautiful heaven, and may all of us left on earth remember her life and her music.

Date: 7/11/2007, 3:44 pm, EDT
Name: Laurie R. Allen
Location: Lakeville, NY
Number: 430

I've already posted once in this thread, but I wanted to add that I (as a new found Sills fan) am listening to complete operas by her, namely Roberto Devereux and The Siege of Corinth. I would urge Ms. Sills family - PLEASE get some (if not all) of her out of print recordings back in print! We WILL buy them, and hopefully be able to introduce even more to the wonder of Beverly Sills!

Date: 7/11/2007, 2:12 pm, EDT
Name: Marino
Location: Italy
Number: 429

...sulle note della tua voce ho pianto,
possa ora il tuo canto allietare gli angeli lassù
ed asciugare il vento le nostre lacrime quaggiù...

Date: 7/11/2007, 12:49 pm, EDT
Name: sherry
Number: 428

what a courageous and inspiring human being...god rest your soul.....

Date: 7/11/2007, 10:46 am, EDT
Name: Hans-Dieter Konrad
Location: Hamburg, Germany
Number: 427

Thank you Beverly.
You filled out my life with your wonderful voice.
Peace be with you and your family.

Date: 7/11/2007, 10:41 am, EDT
Name: Bill Brunson
Location: Austin, Texas
Number: 426

A friend and soprano voice student of mine contacted me last week with the news of Beverly Sills' death. Although I had admired her recording of "La Traviata" as a young man (I was unusual for a deep-South boy - I started liking opera when I was about 12), my only personal contact with Ms. Sills was in April of 1971, when she came to Jackson, Mississippi (my home town) to give two performances of "Lucia di Lammermoor". I was a junior in high school at the time, and they allowed me (well, I begged) to be an extra in the opera (I held a spear on stage - I was awesome).

As for her singing, we all literally trembled with the electric thrill of her voice - there is no one in my memory that that seemed to be 'ordained' to sing opera, as she did - and to be infused with such energetic joy! I also noted that she was a true blessing for everyone to work with - so supportive to our slightly unprepared conductor - so helpful to the other local performers in our production.

Her laughter filled the place with happiness, and of course the final product was spectacular. She set a lifetime example to me of what a world-class talent can behave like, if they choose to not make everything about them. I don't know how she came about it, but Beverly Sills, even with the enormity of her musical and vocal, and mental gifts (she was always the 'sharpest knife in the drawer'), had a desire to give to OTHERS. She did this while she was in our little Mississippi production. This selfless perspective, to me, is her greatest legacy.

Date: 7/11/2007, 5:56 am, EDT
Number: 425

Thanks for everything, Beverly. From now on it will be very difficult to play a record or view a video of yours without crying. Thanks for all the happy hours you have given to us all.

Date: 7/11/2007, 2:50 am, EDT
Name: Logan Brown
Location: Brandon, Florida
Number: 424

Even though I did not know her well personally, I feel as if I have lost a dear friend. Ms. Sills opened up the doors of opera for me in 1976 (I still remember hearing her for the first time on WGMS in D.C. singing "Art is Calling for Me), and I became a lifelong admirer. I still remember when I saw her first in person - The Merry Widow at the Kennedy Center in 1978. She had just announced her retirement and my mom bought me the ticket. She was ill and hardly had a voice to speak, and yet sang beautifully! Afterward, I went downstairs to the dressing rooms and she greeted one and all, even though she was sick.

When I was a freshman in college the next spring, she was singing Barber of Seville in Ft. Worth and I went to see her again. As fate would have it, I was writing my English research paper on her. After signing my program, I told her I was writing the paper and asked her for a couple of personal quotes. She was funny and gracious and obliged. The look on my English professor's face was priceless when I asked her the next day, "How would you footnote a personal quote?"

The day she died, I spent all day playing one particular recording of hers. Although she was a spectacular Bel Canto specialist, my personal favorite recording of hers was the Final Scene from Daphne from her Mozart/Strauss album. For me, that one recording summed up all her amazing abilities to touch and thrill the heart.

I will miss her laugh, her smile, and her advocacy for the arts (I'm a coach/accompanist in the classical field). But most of all, I will miss her unique and beautiful voice, a voice that was touched by God.

Her voice may have had a deserved rest for many years, but now her body can join her voice with the angels. And she will look down and smile, knowing that she was a blessing to this earth.

Date: 7/10/2007, 11:57 pm, EDT
Name: Barbara Bishop
Location: Utah
Number: 423

Gracious, sweet, kind, bubbly, beautiful, sunny - the adjectives go on an on. Her voice was directly from heaven. My heart is sad, but my life has been so enriched by the presence of this great lady. She had something seldom found in other performers. It was as if she knew the gift she had been given was to be shared with the world. She never seemed to be effected by the fact that she was so gifted. Her joy seemed to come through her love of sharing it with others. Thank you my darling Beverly for brightening up the world. My heart is sad, but my gratitude and love will remain forever.

Date: 7/10/2007, 11:23 pm, EDT
Name: Deborah Chandler
Location: Monroe, LA
Number: 422

My favorite singer is gone but not forgotten. Sing with the angels bubbles.

Date: 7/10/2007, 10:59 pm, EDT
Name: Tom Frey
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Number: 421

Looking over the list of performances I could not find a recital that Ms. Sills gave at a Jewish Temple in Cincinnati in the 70's. There is one listed for Music Hall, but I believe that this is the recital she gave in the Temple. She had scheduled Schubert's "Ave Maria" I remember , but substituted something else as she announced that she was not aware that the rectial would be in the temple. Small detail , perhaps, but I was there and she was wonderful, as always

Date: 7/10/2007, 10:30 pm, EDT
Name: Virginia
Location: Utah
Number: 420

Now that it has been over a week, I still grieve. Finally a few tears came this morning. I keep coming back here to read more memories and thoughts about Sills and to get to know her better. Today I was listening to the interview she did on the Met broadcast for IL TRITTICO. It was the one Met telecast that I was privileged to see on HD this last season and I thought at the time that she looked somewhat weary but she was still her cheerful self. I loved the story she told about her difficulty performing SUOR ANGELICA and today it made me cry. I hope they include that on the DVD that is supposedly coming out. I remember some of her other interviews and wish I had copies of them. I want everything I can find to remember her by.

Tomorrow I go to see the Utah Festival Opera IL TROVATORE, an opera I don't think she performed, but I will still personally dedicate it to her. I wonder if they will mention her passing?

I noticed a mistake I made on my first post July 3 and want to clear it up. I think with the news I was not thinking of what I was writing. I am not an "opera star". I meant to say "opera fan". Only in my dreams and maybe in the hereafter can I sing like that.
Thank you to the family for letting us share your grief.

Date: 7/10/2007, 9:55 pm, EDT
Name: Madge Bruner Hazen
Location: Jacksonville, Fla.
Number: 419

Beverly Sills could "walk with kings nor lose the common touch". She made opera fun and musical soap operas. She breathed new life into her characters, and gave opera topeople who weren't really crazy about Lucia or Juliette. She gave opera to us in such enjoyable measures. Whenever someone wanted to buy a disc, in my record selling days, they always asked if Beverly Sills sang in it! Non opera people approached her and became more acquainted as she brought the music to them in the manner of their various lives.

(I would like to tell Lindley Greenough that my sister, Suzanne Bruner, thinks of her often.)

May you rest in peace knowing that countless people across th universe are sad that you are not still with us in person, but in the world, you are first!

Date: 7/10/2007, 5:16 pm, EDT
Name: Billie M. Putnam
Location: Saettle,WA.
Number: 418

Praise God for the peson of Beverly sills! Music is almost all my life. Not good, at it, however. She was all that i ever wanted to be. I, too, still mourn, and cry at her sound. Love to all of you who had the privilege of knowing her. I saw her in "Lucia" -unforgettable. May she sing with the angels. BMP

Date: 7/10/2007, 4:58 pm, EDT
Name: Bob Gutmann
Location: New York
Number: 417

I can remember my first meeting with Beverly Sills backstage, when I volunteered at the Met. It was after a performance of The Siege of Corinth with Justino Diaz. She was always so gracious, warm and above all a superb performer. Her humor and genuineness can never be forgotten. We will miss you Beverly, but you will always be in our hearts and minds a wonderful singer and a fabulous host on PBS.

Date: 7/10/2007, 3:44 pm, EDT
Name: Natalie Barrens
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Number: 416

I was heartbroken, what a wonderful woman. Opera in America could not have asked for a better embassador and interpreter of the art form, at once dignified and beautiful and yet so accessable to everyone. We will miss you Ms. Sills.

Date: 7/10/2007, 2:30 pm, EDT
Name: Roxie
Location: Oakland, CA
Number: 415

Because of you I fell in love with opera. You came to San Francisco and sang Lucia di Lammermoor - I can still hear you! Later I stood in line to get your autograph on my recording and meet you - you were so personalble and gracious to all of us. Thank you!!

Date: 7/10/2007, 1:29 pm, EDT
Name: Andre Prevost
Location: Winnipeg MB
Number: 414

My heart-felt sympathies to Beverly's family and friends. Even with the great loss of her passing, her legacy to the history of opera and her contribution to the arts, both through her performances and management, will be with us and beyond us into the future. Having worked in opera most of my life, I didn't get a chance to work with Beverly but I always cherished her recordings, televised productions, and her wonderful sense of humor and 'joie de vivre'.

Her heart and soul also carried through her other appearances with Carol Burnett, the Muppet Show etc., making her accessible to everyone. I so enjoyed the replay of her interview on the Charlie Rose program last week. Beverly's experiences, depth and huge talent as an actor, opera singer, Board member and company director always leaves me in awe. She will be truly missed. God Bless you Beverly on your new journey. Heaven is much blessed as it now has your glorious voice forever.

Date: 7/10/2007, 12:44 pm, EDT
Name: Bob Re
Location: Palm Springs
Number: 413

It really broke my heart when I heard of her passing...I was there when she sang her 1st performance of Cleopatra.....and many many other evenings of pure delight...she was a wonderful singer and person

Date: 7/10/2007, 9:35 am, EDT
Name: Kathleen Gibbs
Location: Laurel, Maryland
Number: 412

Just read about Beverly Sills passing. I am so very sad. My favorite memory is with your bubbly personality with Carol Burnett. What a wonderful duo. Your talent and charm and infectious laughter will always be with me. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world. It is a better place because of you.
With deep gratitude,
Kathleen Gibbs

Date: 7/10/2007, 5:04 am, EDT
Name: Susan LaBarron Baker
Location: Washington state, USA
Number: 411

I am so very sad. Beverly Sills might as well have been a member of our family, as her voice was in our home almost daily. Miss Sills was so unique, and brought such joy to all, especially into my mother's life. My mother always loved music, and was a talented musician and vocalist. While still a young woman, she developed Multiple Sclerosis, and gradually declined (over the 40 years she had it) to the point where she was completely paralyzed. When Mom could do nothing but listen, music made her life tolerable, and Beverly Sills was her absolute favorite, especially as Lucia. Mom was so moved, she cried every one of the hundreds of times she listened to that record.

She loved the television specials, especially the one at the Met with Carol Burnett. When Miss Sills came to Seattle, friends took my bed-ridden mother to see her. It was the highlight of her life, and the memories of that day brought her joy to her dying day. Even if I did not love Miss Sills' music myself (and I do!) I would love her for that alone. Thank you, Beverly, for giving my mother a reason to enjoy life. Your beautiful music meant so much to her, I cannot express my thanks enough. I guess Mom can hear her in person once again, and cry all the way through Lucia, from best seats in the house.

Thank you, thank you dear Beverly. We love you and we miss you so much! Rest in Peace.

Date: 7/10/2007, 1:57 am, EDT
Name: Neil Eddinger
Location: Manhattan, new York city
Number: 410

It has been exactly a week since we lost this wonderful lady and I am still so shocked and grieved that I find it difficult to find words. I received a lovely note from her only last month in acknowledgement of my usual birthday greeting. I first met Beverly after a performance of "Coq d'or" in 1967, little dreaming that one day I would be singing on that stage and she would be watching me from her first ring box. I worked for her from 1981 until she retired as General Director. She was my inspiration and my guardian angel.

She got me out of trouble more than once and gave me good advice. The world will remember her incredible singing, her flawless technique, her well-crafted characterizations and her warm down to earth humor and we all benefit from her tireless efforts on behalf of the arts and charities. But I would especially like the public to know that she did so many private little kindesses for so many people. She pumped a lot of good into this world in her 78 years. I extend my deepest sympathies to Muffy and her family. Rest in peace and glory, Beverly.


Date: 7/10/2007, 12:41 am, EDT
Name: Catherine Barlick
Location: Long Island, N.Y.
Number: 409

To the family of Beverly Sills, Beverly Sills was a wonderful singer and a great lady. We send you all our deepest sympathy. She is the best legend for the opera world. We will miss her dearly. God bless Beverly Sills.
Truly yours,

Date: 7/10/2007, 12:24 am, EDT
Name: Jayne Vest
Location: Roanoke, Virginia
Number: 408

I first heard Beverly Sills in Daughter of the Regiment on PBS. I was 13 and it changed my life. I had always sung, but after I heard her I was determined to become an opera singer. A coloratura soprano in fact. And I did learn to sing opera, although I never could conquer the coloratura part despite years of trying. I've come to the conclusion that vocal flexibility is something you're born with. You've either got it or you don't. And boy did Beverly Sills have it; along with brains, acting, comedic timing, charisma, and inner strength. My heart goes out to Muffy and the family.

Date: 7/9/2007, 10:08 pm, EDT
Name: David Anné
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Number: 407

Beverly's Talents have been a part of my Life since i was born in 1980, My grandmother Played the merry widow record till it was worn out and we still played it...She was my introdction into opera and in my opinion she possesed the most beautiful sounding voice of them all...I've read her books many times over and wrote her a letter in 1997 asking her which of her recordings she feels most represent her and for a photo, which she replied to witha hand written note and photo "for David" happy I am to have that. Her passing is such a loss and I cant even imagine what an impacct it has had on her Children and Family, My thoughts are with them. This is, I hope, Just the start of another Chapter in her existance...

Date: 7/9/2007, 7:09 pm, EDT
Name: Tom Manna Sr.
Location: Florham Park, New Jersey
Number: 406

The WORLD has suffered the loss of a "Great Daughter", who will never be replaced.
I loved her for what she gave me.

Date: 7/9/2007, 6:24 pm, EDT
Location: northern ireland
Number: 405

i must admit that i am a relativly a newcomer to the wonderful voice of madam Sills and WOW what a marvellous instrument that was she will be a shining example to all younger singers in the years to come ,she was a great artist and a through proffesional

Date: 7/9/2007, 6:10 pm, EDT
Name: Barbara "Silverman" Stanley
Location: Stusrt, FL
Number: 404

My deepest and sincerest condolences to Bubble's family...I am a second cousin of Beverly's...Max my Grandfather was her Dad's brother...Bev and I were both in show business...I was know as "Baby Barbara",xylophonist...This might bring back memories to some of the family. I was there when Bev's Dad passed on...Bev and her Mom Shirley attended my wedding in June 1952...I did meet up with Bev and her hubby in Stuart Fl when she was doing a talk on a retirement home complex....Our photo made the local newspaper.

Bubbles,was a very special lady....She gave of herself...

If any family member would like to contact me, please feel free to e-mail me....In sadness...

Barbara Silverman Stanley....2nd cousin

Date: 7/9/2007, 5:23 pm, EDT
Name: Nick
Location: Plymouth, England
Number: 403

I always thought I was very mad for buying a boxed set of LPs of the great BS singing Lucia, its cost to me was about £2.00 ($4.00) when the owner of the market stall contacted me he told me he had another 3 of the same set, same singer and if I wanted them I could have them for $1.00 the lot plus postage. I felt on top of the world that I now had 4 sets of Lucia di Lammermoor with Beverly Sills in, who in the whole world would have 4 sets. My memories of this great lady are many, she brought back the many lonely hours when all I had in life was my LP collection and my pride and joy, 4 sets of Beverly Sills. Thanks for the voice, the love and the memories, I will listen with more intent now and relish the warmth I always get when I hear your voice. Free from pain, rest in peace and thank you for being there for me when I needed you. Nick

Date: 7/9/2007, 4:44 pm, EDT
Name: Lila Barth
Location: Silver Spring,MD 20902
Number: 402

Dearest Beverly. Thank you,thank you for sharing your
gorgeous,emotionally moving,sparkling voice with the world. Now we will have to be content with your recordings, and whatever interviews (like with Charlie Rose) where we saw your real persona - warm, kind,very human and caring,oh so caring, about your family and the rest of us who love you so very much. May you be for a blessing. Another Bubbles

Date: 7/9/2007, 3:51 pm, EDT
Name: Holly Baldwin
Location: PA
Number: 401

I too was entranced by opera because of Beverly Sills. I will miss her as will the rest of the world. THANK YOU Beverly for your passion, tireless efforts and humanitarianism.

Date: 7/9/2007, 3:22 pm, EDT
Name: Melinda Summer
Location: Charleston, SC
Number: 400

I fell in love with opera in the 1970s because of Beverly Sills. Whether it was Manon, Tales of Hoffman, the Daughter of the Regiment or the Merry Widow, I cannot remember which opera I saw first, but I remember being in awe with each performance and wanting more. When I saw Beverly Sills in concert (Farewell Tour), it was a bittersweet moment. Like others, I did not want to see her leave the performing stage; however, she did not go far from us continuing to influence the world of opera through her leadership at the NYCO, the Lincoln Center, and Met. What a joy to listen to her introduce performances and then discuss topics with the performers! Now another bittersweet moment has occurred - the artistic world's loss but a sweeter sound in heaven. My sympathy goes to the family and friends.

Thank you, Beverly Sills, for inspiring so many people from all walks of life. "You'll be forever in my heart."

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