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Date: 7/9/2007, 6:08 am, EDT
Name: Andre de Kock
Location: Republic of South Africa
Number: 399

Dear Beverly, I, with all the opera community around the globe, will miss you dearly! I salute you for the honesty and integrity you brought to every role you ever sang and your devotion to your family and the tasks you set yourself in life. You inspired me to greater heights with my own voice and you honoured me by always answering my letters to you so long ago. My prayers, deepest and warmest sympathies to your family. God speed you to His arms. What a voice to join the heavenly hosts! Brava!

Date: 7/9/2007, 1:53 am, EDT
Name: Ann Freeman
Location: Virginia
Number: 398

My deepest sympathy to Madame Sills' children and family. The operatic world will miss her beautiful voice, and her fans will miss a beautiful woman of warmth and kindness.
Ms. A.Freeman

Date: 7/8/2007, 8:32 pm, EDT
Name: Patricia Lobosco
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Number: 397

Eulogizing NYCO's Christopher Keene in 1995, Beverly Sills quoted a pasage from Theodore Roosevelt extolling the one "who spends himself in a worthy cause." The same can be said of Ms. Sills who gave her ALL to music, family, and charities dear to her heart. The strength of her commitment was evident in a 1981 commencement address at Barnard College in N.Y. The subject was "having it all" and the answer was love.

"You must ooze it from every pore," she counseled. "Love your work, your husband and your child, not just to hear his needs but to feel his needs. For your husband you must reserve that 30th hour of the day when he has you all alone to himself. If you wonder when you'll get time to rest, well, you can sleep in your old age if you live that long."

Beverly Sills lived her life that way and in so doing won the hearts of people who treasured the beautiful and irreplaceable human being that she was. As if by force of will, she remained a bright presence in our lives until the last possible moment, seeming to eschew that sleep of old age which might come some day.

The shock of her sudden death, coming on the heels of recent appearances on TV and Met broadcasts, weighs heavily on us now but those who loved her would surely not have wanted her to suffer. Heartfelt condolences to her family and, most especially to her children, who generously shared their mother with the world. We mourn with you.

Thanks to the creators of this website for providing a place to express our grief but also our memories of this very special lady who touched so many lives in so many ways.

Thanks also to Andrew Silverman and Kenny Morse for reaching out to us. It's so reassuring to know that family is out there to help Muffy and Peter, Jr. during these dark days and thereafter.

Date: 7/8/2007, 7:46 pm, EDT
Name: Robert Nelson
Location: Oliver Springs, Tennessee
Number: 396

I lived in New York City for fifteen years that coincided with the major triumphs Beverly Sills enjoyed at NYCO and elsewhere, and I was able to attend many of them. No memory of those years measures up to the memory of those beautiful events; in fact, few memories of my entire life do. I shall always be grateful for the beauty she shared with us so generously, and I shall remember her with love for the rest of my life.

Date: 7/8/2007, 7:25 pm, EDT
Name: Marsha Holt
Location: Topeka, Ks
Number: 395

My sympathys to the family. I remember as a young girl seeing her on PBS and developing a love of opera. Then I read about Beverly Sills the person and became a fan and admirer of her and her work on and off the stage. What a great loss.

Date: 7/8/2007, 5:35 pm, EDT
Name: Gabriele
Location: Lausanne
Number: 394

Adieu à la plus grande des Manon!

Date: 7/8/2007, 5:17 pm, EDT
Name: Stephen Ciraulo
Location: Raleigh, NC
Number: 393

I love you and will miss you, Ms. Sills. You sparked my love of opera 30 some years ago when I first saw you on TV in the role of Rosalinda. I was hooked.
Fortunately, I will always have you with me in your multitude of recordings, however, it doesn't replace your presence in world we live in. Heaven has truly acquired a spectacular talent and person.
God Bless You.

Date: 7/8/2007, 4:27 pm, EDT
Name: yale sanders
Location: Lakewood New Jersey
Number: 392

The Memory of her magnificent voice and of her Person will remain in the minds and hearts of All of Us. I feel privaleged that I saw and heard Beverly in Performance at the Met as Violetta in La Traviata. That wonderful night her voice was as radiant as the Mid day Sun. May her family take comfort in the knowledge that there are so many of us out there that share in their loss.

Date: 7/8/2007, 3:56 pm, EDT
Name: Carol Rudy
Location: Lakewood, WA
Number: 391

We have lost a bright, effervescent light. Beverly was a joy!

Date: 7/8/2007, 2:23 pm, EDT
Name: Robby Douglas Robinson
Location: South Carolina
Number: 390

It was Beverly Sills that first brought me to the wonderful world of opera. It was the mid 1970's and I was in high school and loved to watch PBS.....well I came across her "Roberto Devereux" from Wolf Trap and nothing was ever the same. Thank you and God Bless You Beverly and "in the arms of the angels" may you rest forever in peace.

Date: 7/8/2007, 1:13 pm, EDT
Name: Mary
Location: New Jersey
Number: 389

Beverly Sills was my favorite singer and was vocal model for me. Her musicianship, her attitude toward life and her spirit was a light in a dark world. I cherish her recordings and will continue to share them with my music students.

Date: 7/8/2007, 9:20 am, EDT
Name: Paul Williamson
Number: 388

Beverly Sills has always been my favourite...soprano, person, and someone I had always through my life wanted to meet. I will not get that wish now. I am a young opera singer, and it was listening to a recording of her for the first time, singing "ah, vous dirais-je maman" was one of the key things that made me choose to be an opera singer.

I will miss her greatly. Another great icon has been laid to rest. I can only hope that pray that I, along with other young opera singers on the rise, will approach this artform with the same discipline and presicion as she and amny others of her generation did.

Farewell, Bubbles! May your soul go with God and rest in peace.

Date: 7/8/2007, 3:24 am, EDT
Name: Sandi Taylor
Location: Canada
Number: 387

As a young, yet completely oblivious student, my very first glimpse of Ms. Sills was on a PBS broadcast of her "Rosina" from the New York City Opera...........

I was mesmerized and immediately started emulating her voice at my lesson --- only to be sternly reminded by my teacher that I did not have a "Beverly Sills voice" just as she had when she reminded me that I didn't have a Joan Sutherland voice.

I recall hearing her sing the "Willow Song" from Baby aria that I carry with me in heart..............however, R. Strauss' "Breit uber mein Haupt" brings tears to my eyes every time I play it...........her voice is so moving and haunting in that melody.

I am now crying thinking how lucky I was to have been privileged to hear and experience this "vocal icon"..........Beverly ......

I see a new star shining in the heavens and the faint echo of applause as the stratosphere salutes you as your voice streams through the heavens.

Date: 7/8/2007, 2:33 am, EDT
Name: Debbie W.
Location: Chemehuevi Valley,CA
Number: 386

I loved to watch and to hear that beautiful voice as mush as possible. My children loved to hear her as well, especailly one that had become so passionate about opra. I have almost all the recordings and videos so that they could hear and watch. I will always cherish that beautiful voice.

Date: 7/8/2007, 1:40 am, EDT
Name: E. Willian Cupp
Location: LaPorte, IN 46350
Number: 385

She sang to me as I'm sure all of her fans felt. She brought the classics home in such a way that we could understand it.

My wife and I are deepley saddened by her passing and feel we have lost, not only a great talent, but a friend.

Date: 7/8/2007, 12:04 am, EDT
Name: sharon keyes
Location: Whiting, New Jersey
Number: 384

As a young voice major at college some thirty years ago, I was deeply moved by Ms. Sills performance of in "The Ballad of Baby Doe" . As a teacher in the New Jersey Schools, I use Ms. Sills' performances as a standard of vocal clarity, technique and style that are unsurpassed. God Bless you , Beverly!

Date: 7/7/2007, 11:06 pm, EDT
Name: Rochelle
Location: New York
Number: 383

I've posted here before. I was just mesmerized by "Made in America" on PBS.

My heart is broken.

Date: 7/7/2007, 10:47 pm, EDT
Name: Ladd B.
Location: New York City
Number: 382

I have cried several times this week. What Beverly Sills meant to me as a child into adulthood can not be condensed here. Those Wolf Trap telecasts were the highlights of my childhood. I played her Lucia recording, at age 10, until it skipped miserably. Her visibility in media gave me license to dream. Those dreams came true. Thank you Beverly for what you gave me, an accepting portal into a life as a performer. When other boys were playing baseball I listened to you sing and I believed my dreams could come true. You were not a diva,in the negative sense of the word, you were a human being who brought magic to everything and everyone you touched!

Date: 7/7/2007, 10:22 pm, EDT
Name: Kay C. Lee
Location: Berlin, New Jersey
Number: 381

Ms. Sills was an amazing star in everything she did.
She will be missed.

Date: 7/7/2007, 9:27 pm, EDT
Name: Anna
Location: New York, NY
Number: 380

My sincere condolenses to Beverly Sills' family, friends, and fans. I am currently listening/watching Beverly Sills Made in America. Thank you for the opera songs, Beverly Sills!

Date: 7/7/2007, 9:07 pm, EDT
Name: Jeannie Joseph
Location: British Columbia, Canada
Number: 379

What a voice.
What a woman.
What a loss.

Date: 7/7/2007, 8:50 pm, EDT
Name: Yvonne Villanueva
Location: Jacksonville, Fl.
Number: 378

Her beautiful voice will always inspire us to dream and and persevere in the deams that seem to be unreachable. I am sure that she continues to sing in Heaven.

Thank you for making our lives a lot more beautiful!

Date: 7/7/2007, 8:49 pm, EDT
Name: Mary Schumacher Loeber
Location: Scottsdale, AZ
Number: 377

It is impossible to put into words what Beverly Sills has meant to me over the last 40 years.....she a consumate musician and singer without peer.
Thank you, Miss Sills, for everything. I will never forget your voice.

Date: 7/7/2007, 4:15 pm, EDT
Name: Giuseppe
Location: Catania - Italy
Number: 376

Che la terra ti sia lieve

Date: 7/7/2007, 4:02 pm, EDT
Name: Virginia
Location: Utah
Number: 375

I don't know if anyone is interested, but in 1981, Beverly was a guest on "Music and the Mountains" with host John Denver and other guests Itzhak Perlman and James Galway. I saw it when it was broadcast the first time. If anyone is interested, contact me.

Date: 7/7/2007, 1:08 pm, EDT
Name: Robert B. Wallace
Location: Avon, Ct.
Number: 374

With the death of Beverly Sills, the world has lost a great artist and we are all diminished by that loss yet blessed that she was with us for 78 years.

Through the incredible glory of her voice and through her grace, she brought beauty into our lives.

She was truly one of God's greatest gifts to all of us.
May she rest in peace.

Date: 7/7/2007, 12:57 pm, EDT
Name: marcia
Location: Owls head NY
Number: 373

God could wait no longer for that beautiful voice to be singing in the Universe---thank you for the wonderful life you lived with the hardships and the joys and all the beauty you gave to us, the listeners.

Date: 7/7/2007, 12:56 pm, EDT
Name: Janet
Location: Kansas City
Number: 372

My mother loved the opera and fostered that love in me. She and I regularly attended the Seattle Opera together, and I remember a very special performance we attended in 1972 when I was 10. Beverly Sills performed the role of Lucia in Lucia di Lammermoor!

I treasure that memory!

We loved seeing Bubbles any time she was on TV, whether it was to sing, or to hear her funny stories and commentary. It's hard not to smile when you think about her!

Later (as an adult) my mother and I took a trip to New York and made sure that (even though Ms. Sills was no longer performing) we attended a performance at Beverly's Company (the NYCO).

My mother passed away earlier this year. To hear that Beverly Sills' had also passed was very sad. But it also brought back many happy memories, and I'm sure my mother was in the front row at Beverly Sills' heavenly debut!

Date: 7/7/2007, 11:43 am, EDT
Name: Marian
Location: Missouri
Number: 371

I was five years old in 1960-The Barber of Seville was one of my first musical memories and I had memorized "Una voce poco fa", Beverly's aria, by age 8. It still thrills me to hear it. I hope she sings forever in heaven.

Date: 7/7/2007, 8:41 am, EDT
Name: Wm
Location: Kansas City MIssouri
Number: 370

"You were always the real thing, Baby." Thank you, Beverly, for all the glorious years of song. We will remember you always as we continue listening. Many blessings to your family.

Date: 7/7/2007, 7:38 am, EDT
Name: Alessandro Ceccarini
Number: 369

Con immenso dispiacere ho saputo che c'hai lasciato... Sono un basso di 25 anni e spero tanto che il Suo esempio, mi possa sempre essere d'aiuto per trovare quel fuoco interiore che deve avere un cantante...

Date: 7/7/2007, 4:30 am, EDT
Name: maryanne cole
Location: New Zealand
Number: 368

Thank you Bubbles for giving us so much of yourself over the years .We will never forget the mad cap antics that you gave to Opera and the strength you had for your craft .Thank you to your family for allowing us to share the wonderful person that was you.To your family and friends go our prayer and thoughts

Date: 7/7/2007, 3:37 am, EDT
Name: Julie Riddle
Location: Woodland Hills CA
Number: 367

Beverly Sills literally gave Opera to a generation of rock and roll babies!

She did it through her willingness to be silly and charming with Burnett at the Met. She visited Sesame Street and the Muppets. She had the genius to run English translations for her audiences. Her PBS specials were accessible and educational but oh so entertaining. And, above all, she was the first Opera star to be, well, "one of US". Down to earth, and from the Heavens at the same time- God blessed us with her life, and we will never be the same.

For my 40-something generation, she was and always will be OPERA.

Date: 7/7/2007, 12:05 am, EDT
Name: Katie
Location: MV
Number: 366

My heart bleeds and my eyes cry ...but my heart is filled with such incredible love for you and your Mom, and your Dad. I have so much I want to share with you , I will write privately soon!! PLEASE, Just know that I am thinking of you and I am hoping you know that I am still always here for you !!

Date: 7/6/2007, 10:45 pm, EDT
Name: Pat Haldeman
Location: Flourtown Pa
Number: 365

I was looking for something to watch on TV tonight and there was Beverly Sills singing. What a voice!! What a LOSS!! I am so glad that I did not miss the show. She was singing with Carol Burnet and Lily Tomlin, she was fabulous. She was a caring person that had such tragedy in her life. Sing with the Angles, Bubbles

Date: 7/6/2007, 9:55 pm, EDT
Name: Michael Dowling
Number: 364

Dear Family and Friends of Beverly Sills:

My name is Michael Dowling. I am 25 years old. I am a huge opera fan, and a huge fan of Ms. Sills, when I learned about her death I was so incredibly filled with great sadness. Even though I never had the pleasure of seeing one of her performances live or meeting her, I feel that she was a major part of my life and I forever will remember her and be a fan of hers.



Date: 7/6/2007, 8:39 pm, EDT
Name: Sharon Travis
Location: Bisbee, AZ
Number: 363

What a loss....I have loved music all my life; I studied voice when I was an "aging, transitional student" at Pima Community College in the late 70's and then, not long afterward, I heard of Beverly Sills and began following her career. I had no intent or desire to do anything other than improve the little talent I. But learning about Ms. Sills and her efforts and to hear that most beautiful voice inspired me to do my best. What a gift she was to the world; what a loss to family and friends....and to the world of musicians and music lovers. Her like will not be heard again. I can only hope that she is with her beloved husband, singing with the angels!

Date: 7/6/2007, 7:13 pm, EDT
Name: Barbara Lehman
Location: New Jersey
Number: 362

Dear Beverly Sills, I miss your great cooking, great sense of humer and doing puzzles together. Thank you for sharing with me on some weekends. By the way you were right that I never finished with the puzzle. You WIN! Ha! I will miss you alot! I will never forget about you for the rest of my life! You are joined with your husband and your mother in the heaven. Lots of Love, Barbara Lehman

Date: 7/6/2007, 6:01 pm, EDT
Name: Adam Bradford
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Number: 361

I have never heard of Ms. Sills before last night. I feel that this is a tragedy. I am a young guy, a surfer, kinda relaxed, and I don't usually watch PBS. I am also a graduate of a vocla music bachelors program and I've been in a few Opera myself. How is it that I have never heard of this amazing performer? I'm laying on my couch, doing laundry, watching whatever is on TV and I hear a voice as I'm scrolling through channels and I pause to see who this is. I have no clue, so I continue to watch the special. I fell in love.

I'm watching this amazing Ms. Sills sing as I've never heard opera performed before. What energy, what skill, what talent! She is hosting the Tonight show...dancing with Lilly Tomlin, everyone seems to know her but me. I feel somewhat cheated. I sat up and watched the entire broadcast, hoping that this person was still around and creating her art. I was sad to see she retired when I was a baby, and even more sad to learn that she has passed on!

It's been a while since I have even paid attention to Opera or music. NOW I am going to Borders to look up CD's that showcase the beauty that is Beverly Sills! Thank you for adding something to a life, even after yours has passed! I know you will continue to do so for ever; the true achievement of greatness! I am certain you are welcomed with open arms to a choir of angels! Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Adam C. Bradford M.C.

Date: 7/6/2007, 5:20 pm, EDT
Name: Donn Edwards
Location: Oklahoma City
Number: 360

Personally, the passing of Beverly Sills has provoked unexpected sadness and reflection, in the way that only a great loss of beauty in the world can. While still a student at The Joffrey school, I got my first job dancing for NYCO in the 69-70 season. I will never forget the Lucia performance (possibly the premiere?) standing at the back of the stage behind the entire chours, as La Sills made her mad scene entrance. That night she was very sick with a high temperature, and I, was transformed. I couldn't believe her voice and determination was transcending any thought of illness. Though at the time I didn't know much about opera, I understood this was a rare and special look into greatness and it later became a source of inspiration in my own professional career. With all my heart, thank you Beverly Sills for that and all the beauty and joy your living brought. Donn Edwards

Date: 7/6/2007, 4:52 pm, EDT
Name: Bill Russell
Location: Reno, Nevada
Number: 359

Thank you God for giving us Beverly Sills. I had the great privilege of being a super in many of her productions and we had a nodding acquaintance. She thought I looked like I could have been a singer, and though I tried, I was much better suited to the management side. She encouraged me to get a business degree and she was right on, as she almost always invariably was. I loved her joy, her laugh her voice and her soul - what an inspiration!

I think God and the Angels are having a blast with Bubbles!
Love, Bill

Date: 7/6/2007, 3:56 pm, EDT
Name: Deborah Fennelly
Location: Morristown New Jersey
Number: 358

in 1973 at age 15 I attended a rehearsal of La Traviata with other members of my high school chamber choir. Beverly Sills was singing Violetta.

Unlike many of my classmates I was already familiar with opera and beginning to develop affection and respect for it, in my awkward 15 year old heart.

When I witnessed Sills' final scene that day I forgot myself. Tears welled up and I fell instantly in love with this artist and this art form. All I wanted to do was to sing and move an audience the way she moved me that day. When I graduated from high school I did study voice performance and opera at a conservatory. I never had an extensive career but have been blessed with using my voice to entertain and uplift and sometimes to raise money for worthy causes. to this day whenever and wherever I perform I try to give as much of myself as I Beverly Sills did. I am deeply grateful to her for her dedication to her art and to her audience. She was a one of a kind gift to the world who left much beauty and happiness in her wake. My heart goes out to her family and close friends. I regret never having told her this story when once, our paths crossed backstage at New York City opera.

Date: 7/6/2007, 3:40 pm, EDT
Name: Rene Strohecker Thompson
Location: North Las Vegas, Nevada
Number: 357

Singing has always been my passion. As a young soprano, Ms. Sills was my hero, my shining light, someone who inspired me to work hard at my art and sing my best. Once, at Wolftrap Farm in Washington D.C. I had the amazing honor of being seated beside Muffy, her daughter, and Ms Sills as they taped Ms Sill's broadcast of hosting Performances at Wolftrap for PBS. I was so much in awe of her that I could not speak, but just being able to meet her was a life altering experience!

I am devastated by her loss but I am confident that she is teaching the angels how to sing!

What a stunning lady you are Ms Sills.
My love to your family-
Rene Strohecker Thompson

Date: 7/6/2007, 3:39 pm, EDT
Name: Maureen Moore
Location: Oklahoma City Oklahoma
Number: 356

I grew up listening to Beverly Sills. My mother was a violinist and she loved listening to Ms. Sills. What a wonderful voice she had. Thanks "Bubbles"!! May you rest in peace.

Date: 7/6/2007, 3:28 pm, EDT
Name: Marie Carlone
Location: New Jersey
Number: 355

I will never forget the first time I heard Beverly Sills sing ... I immediately went out to buy a tape player and recorder so I could paly all her wonderful songs.

My sympathy to her family ... and to her friends. We have lost a wonderful lovely lady who filled our hearts with her beautiful smile and song. Thank you, Beverly and God Bless you for all you gave to us.

Date: 7/6/2007, 2:55 pm, EDT
Name: Zolly
Location: Berea, KY
Number: 354

Back in 1968, traveling with a friend somewhere in Europe, we were able to buy tickets for Daughterof the Regiment. I was new to opera - knew who Beverly Sills was and of her voice. But! I was not prepared for the joy she brought to the stage! Pure delight and Light! Fun andher voice played with us, the audience, and brought us right in with her to her music and song - and performance.

There was a moment, which stands out to me today for I've not seen it since, where she walked to the edge of the stage, sat, crossed her ankles, and began to sing her aria. We [I think maybe Austrian or French] went nuts - Bis! Bis! Bis! and so, she sang it all again - complete with that effervescent smile amd laughter - and I think again.

I join with others here to send gratitude for sharing your mother, sister, cousin so generously with all of us. And to send heartfelt energies of all you may now need from us and the universe.

Date: 7/6/2007, 11:28 am, EDT
Name: John Reed
Location: Kokomo, IN
Number: 353

January 1972, I was a college student, in London for a month. With an evening to kill, a friend and I got last-minute tickets at Covent Garden, to see "Lucia", portrayed by someone by the name of Beverly Sills.

Little did I know, as I walked in to the theatre, that I was about to witness a moment of true magic. A farm kid from Indiana became an opera enthusiast that evening, and I have followed Sill's career ever since.

I mourn never having had the opportunity to meet her in person (at least in this life), but give thanks for the opportunity I did have to see one of her most transcendant performances.

Date: 7/6/2007, 11:12 am, EDT
Name: Thomas Haueter
Location: Tampa, FL
Number: 352

To one of the greatest ambassadors of the arts in the entire world...thank you so much for your dedication and talent and for sharing it with so many generations of opera lovers throughout the are truly a wonderful and courageous lady.....we will MISS you dearly....

Date: 7/6/2007, 9:02 am, EDT
Name: Robert J. Pantelone
Location: Meriden, CT 06451
Number: 351

Dear Ms.Sills...When I listened to your voice, I used to close my eyes and imagine those silvery tones reaching as high as heaven itself. Now, that you are no longer here but in heaven, I close my eyes and imagine you surrounded by a choir of angels, singing to God Himself.

And whenever I want to hear you sing, I close my eyes and remember......Robert

Date: 7/6/2007, 8:58 am, EDT
Name: Debbie Roth
Location: Centerville, OH
Number: 350

There will always be No One Like You! You had grace, style, and that quality so lacking in today's 'divas' - inner and outer beauty.

To your family - may here voice and laughter always be heard in your hearts - forever.

Thank you Beverly for all the amazing things you gave us! Now, go sing with the angels.
Love always.

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