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Date: 7/5/2007, 10:26 am, EDT
Name: Eelco
Location: The Netherlands
Number: 299

Abend ist's, die Sonne ist verschwunden,
Und der Mond strahlt Silberglanz;
So entfliehn des Lebens schönste Stunden,
Fliehn vorüber wie im Tanz.

Bald entflieht des Lebens bunte Szene,
Und der Vorhang rollt herab;
Aus ist unser Spiel, des Freundes Träne
Fließet schon auf unser Grab.

Bald vielleicht (mir weht, wie Westwind leise,
Eine stille Ahnung zu),
Schließ ich dieses Lebens Pilgerreise,
Fliege in das Land der Ruh.

Werdet ihr dann an meinem Grabe weinen,
Trauernd meine Asche sehn,
Dann, o Freunde, will ich euch erscheinen
Und will himmelauf euch wehn.

Schenk auch du ein Tränchen mir
Und pflücke mir ein Veilchen auf mein Grab,
Und mit deinem seelenvollen Blicke
Sieh dann sanft auf mich herab.

Weih mir eine Träne, und ach! schäme
dich nur nicht, sie mir zu weihn;
Oh, sie wird in meinem Diademe
Dann die schönste Perle sein!

Date: 7/5/2007, 4:44 am, EDT
Name: Mildred Penn Lee
Location: San Francisco, California
Number: 298

I saw snipets of interviews with Beverly Sills on PBS with Charlie Rose. I like Opera, it is not a part of my daily life and passions but I like and appreciate opera but it was Sills' confidence and straightforwardness and non-pretentiousness, that down-to-earthy-ness, which gripped me and holds me yet. She came from a less pompous background but she made no apologies for that whatsoever while stating clearly and absolutely that, "I am a prima dona and you'll have to deal with that. I am intelligent so you'll have to deal with that too and I'm seventy-four" . . . and she made no apology for that one either; you'll have to deal with that one too, implied Sills -- I am woman hear me not roar, her nickname was Bubbles . . . But more like I am woman hear my quiet determination, my quiet confidence yet respect my power . . .

I think Sills was looking for the word "grace" . . . her quiet but assured grace roared volumes - a woman to be respected because she could do her function well at any level. I fell madly in love with this woman. I will never, ever forget her. She inspires me so. (I am 62.) She represents the very finest quality in and amongst American women. She's definitely on my list of Women to Admire and Learn From.

Sills said clearly to modern women that the key to her life's success story is having more in her life than just her career because we all retire from our days of glitz and glamour and creativity. We need "a home" to turn to when we come off the world stage and out of the boardrooms.

I hope somebody will put her interviews on CD with her book because she was one of the best interviews on Charlie Rose because her speech was so candid yet uplifting.

Among my heroes are the likes of Eleanor Roosevelt and Hilliary Clinton and some others but now I will add Beverly Sills. (She could manage in the White House as well, probably.)

Thank You Beverly Sills, America is blessed by your legacy -- Long Live Beverly Sills!
Mildred Penn Lee, writer

Date: 7/5/2007, 4:29 am, EDT
Name: Suzanne Collins
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Number: 297

As a college student, I saw her at the War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco, and later at the New York City Opera as Manon. She was the ultimate actress with the gorgeous floating soprano and the wonderful sense of humor. She had it all. And she gave her all. Thank you, Beverly.

Date: 7/5/2007, 3:23 am, EDT
Name: Michael Stember
Location: Germany - 45355 Essen
Number: 296
Thanks Beverly for all the joy you gave me with your beautiful lyric voice and your great charisma. For me, you´re the most wonderful Manon of all time. What more can I say? I´m deeply wounded by your passing. May your musical talents now enjoy the heaven! God bless you!

Date: 7/5/2007, 3:16 am, EDT
Name: Edmond Jane
Location: South Bend, Washington
Number: 295

Beverly Sills' genuine love for everyone amplified everything she did in life, both on stage and off. It was not necessarily the first thing you noticed about her, but after you saw her in a few performances and interviews, it became obvious-- her whole life was imbued with love for others. She was nine years older than I, but I loved her from afar from almost the first time I ever saw her on television. She was a "natural". We will all miss her.

Date: 7/5/2007, 2:49 am, EDT
Name: Lisa Hassler
Location: Conroe, TX
Number: 294

I was blessed to hear Ms. Sills in Houston, TX as a young teenager and a student in the first class of the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. My friends and I waited for the opera to finish and then found our way backstage. She was gracious enough to speak with some starry eyed singers and give of her time. She was talented, beautiful and caring. I went on to study opera in college and teach music, now. She was an inspiration and has left some large shoes to fill. God bless her and her family and what a comfort to know she is singing those soaring notes in a heavenly choir.

Date: 7/5/2007, 2:37 am, EDT
Name: Lisa Hassler
Location: Conroe, TX
Number: 293

I was blessed to see Ms. Sills in Houston as a young teenager while attending and being part of the first class at the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. My friends and I waited for the opera to finish and found our way backstage. Ms. Sills was gracious enough to receive us in her dressing room and talk for about 10 minutes with some starry eyed young singers. I went on to study opera in college and now teach music. Bless you Beverly Sills for your warmth, talent and your caring. I'm sure your voice soars beautifully with the heavenly choir.

Date: 7/5/2007, 2:34 am, EDT
Name: Judith Holliday
Location: Salem Oregon
Number: 292

Beverly sang like an angel. Rest in peace Beverly dear....We we will always love you. Judith

Date: 7/5/2007, 2:29 am, EDT
Name: Ross Barentyne-Truluck
Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Number: 291

Thanks to the people who manage this wonderful Website, I am privileged to add my voice to the vast chorus of people whose lives were touched and enriched by the voice, artistry and personality of Beverly Sills. Although I began my career as a boy soprano; in the early 1960s, I had decided to try to try to pursue a career as a concert pianist. When I first discovered Sills' voice by way of her "Bellini and Donizetti Heroines" LP in the mid 60s, my love for opera was instantly rekindled. I began driving, first from Georgia where I was teaching and later from Florida, to New York City to see and hear her perform. I always went backstage and wrote to her many times asking for performance dates, sending libretti to be autographed, etc. Always, always, she was so gracious and kind.

I give her most of the credit for my being able to find the courage to finally move to NYC in 1974, where I was fortunate enough to see all the thrilling performances she gave, both at NYCO and at the Met. In addition to numerous recordings - both live and in the studio, I also treasure all the autographed libretti and letters and notes I received from both her and Peter.

Had it not been for Beverly Sills' early influence on my musical career, I probably would not have moved to New York City, where I had a 27-year career as an accompanist/ vocal coach and a 17-year tenure as Maestro Coglioni with La Gran Scena Opera Company.

Thank you, Beverly, not only for the influence you had on me directly, but also for all the countless people you brought to opera with your artistry, irresistible personality and genuine love and enthusiasm for the art-form. We all thank you and love you for all you gave to us. Our hearts go out to your family and close friends as we all grieve our immense loss.

"Se pietà di me non senti, giusto ciel, io morirò. Tu da pace a miei tormenti, o quest'alma spirerò." --Giulio Cesare

Date: 7/5/2007, 2:04 am, EDT
Name: Neil Funkhouser
Location: New York, NY
Number: 290

Farewell, beloved Beverly. My heart aches at your passing. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world. God bless you and your family.

Date: 7/5/2007, 1:54 am, EDT
Name: Carlos
Location: Miami, Florida
Number: 289

Thanks for sharing your special talent, may your voice and smile fill the heavens.

Date: 7/5/2007, 1:49 am, EDT
Name: Will
Number: 288

You are the best Coloratura in my heart.Farewell.Sleep in Peace.With my bless...

Date: 7/4/2007, 11:36 pm, EDT
Name: GMT
Location: NYC
Number: 287

I feel both sad and guilty in learning of the death of Beverly Sills. Since the death of her late husband (also a truly wonderful human being), I’ve had her address under my clear desktop blotter for just short of a year. My intentions were of writing a note of sympathy and gratitude to a great human being…Beverly Sills.

My good intentions never came to fruition…a lesson to be learned about the putting off of our expressing appreciation to folks we love, care about and admire. I wanted her to know how thankful I was to have been able to work with the NYCO during the last few years that she was at the helm. I’ve worked with the company since 1985 and those years when Beverly Sills was still there were for me, magical. The place was like a family with great camaraderie amongst the ranks. It amazed me how she knew everyone in the company and theatre from top to bottom and always had a smile and kind word whenever she appeared. There was always an excitement in that place, standing and watching wonderful things on stage from the wings or when on stage and being a part of making terrific art and music.

I truly believe that Beverly was a huge part of why the place was like that and why most of us felt that way, because she engendered greatness and caring in everyone there. Those of us who knew and worked with her have been so very blessed. I love to cook and was fortunate to have been engaged to cater three parties for a friend and colleague who was the New York City Opera resident costume designer and of course a colleague and dear close friend of Beverly’s. She was a guest for two of those events. She knew who I was from my working with the company but did not know about my culinary interests. I was more than flattered when she came out to the kitchen and chatted with me and gave me extremely gracious and generous compliments about my cooking and food presentation. I will forever cherish the memories of working with so many dear and wonderful colleagues during those last few years of Beverly Sills’ tenure as the General Director of the New York City Opera, and our delightful little chat in the kitchen of J.C.

I send my deepest sympathy to her daughter, family, her manager, Mr. Edgar Vincent and to all of her dear close friends (especially Ms. Walters and Ms. Burnett) and to her many colleagues. If memories are roses for our Decembers, Beverly Sills gave the world an endless garden of gorgeous fragrant roses.

Date: 7/4/2007, 10:43 pm, EDT
Name: Sandra
Location: Upstate New York
Number: 286

Her star will always shine in my memory. Her voice gave me such happiness. She was, indeed, a beautiful person. I am bereft now, but am so very glad she was alive for much of my life, and I know that she will continue bring me joy each time I listen to her voice.

Date: 7/4/2007, 10:32 pm, EDT
Name: Teryle Watson
Location: Rochester,New York
Number: 285

Beverly Sills brought opera to the common person through her incredible ability to connect straight to the heart.Bubbles put a new energy and joy to an art form that was becoming distant to the general public.The magnificence of the voice,the gracious humanity of the woman and the joyful tenderness of her soul will resonate forever.

Date: 7/4/2007, 9:56 pm, EDT
Name: Aj
Location: Hawaii
Number: 284

She was the best in her craft in this modern era, the first lady of opera, but she was talented in many other areas too.

Beverly's success was in the era of the video age and we're fortunate to be able to see her perform again and again for years to come.

Date: 7/4/2007, 9:38 pm, EDT
Name: lisa brandwein
Location: bayside, ny
Number: 283

Just thank you for having been so wonderful

Date: 7/4/2007, 8:23 pm, EDT
Name: Kenny Morse
Location: Los Angeles
Number: 282

This is Beverly's cousin Kenny. Beverly was laid to rest this morning. It was a small service with only family and some of the people who took care of Beverly and Muffy over the years. Only her brother Stanley spoke. She didn't want a service, or a memorial, but I'm sure someone will organize one.

All your messages are amazingly wonderful. Read the WHATS NEW section of this site to get the web address for a tribute Beverly. I hope you enjoy it and the pictures there. Your comments indicate your kindness and reflection of her effect on you. She would be gratified.

Date: 7/4/2007, 8:14 pm, EDT
Name: huang
Location: taiwan
Number: 281

Thank you, Bubbles, a beautiful soul.

Date: 7/4/2007, 8:08 pm, EDT
Name: Jerry Floyd
Location: Washington, D.C.
Number: 280

In the late 1960s, Ms. Sills made a long-awaited (and postponed) Washington, D.C. recital debut at that huge barn, Constitution Hall.

At the very end of "Depuis le jour", as Ms. Sills floated out the piece's gossamer final note, some oaf yelled "bravo" and drowned out the soprano. The Washington Post's music critic, Paul Hume, noted this boorish behavior in his review.

Fortunately that experience didn't keep Ms. Sills from returning to Washington and we heard her numerous times in some of her most celebrated roles. Every time she sang, it was like Fourth of July on the Mall, with gleaming (vocal) fireworks exploding all over the place.

So many treasured memories of such a wonderful artist and human being.

Date: 7/4/2007, 7:53 pm, EDT
Name: Jeanette
Location: Michigan City, IN
Number: 279

As a long time opera fan I have many fond memories of her marvelous art. My deepest sympathy to her family.

Date: 7/4/2007, 7:25 pm, EDT
Location: FEDERAL WAY, WA. U.S.A.
Number: 278

Bubbles enchanted me for 20 years, from her days at City Center, to the NY State Theatre to television and opera performances in Houston. I was both a super and doing production photography for Houston Grand Opera when Sills appeared in Houston in LUCIA, THE MERRY WIDOW, LA TRAVIATA, THE DAUGHTER OF THE REGIMENT and DON PASQUALE. She was always charming, funny, warm-hearted and a fantastic singer.

She was memorable both on stage and off. She made opera "mainstream" in the U.S. and I will always be grateful to her for her devotion to her art and encouragement of young singers.

Date: 7/4/2007, 7:24 pm, EDT
Name: Michael Hudson
Location: Los Angeles
Number: 277

I am just one of the many here in the USA who were deeply touched by the artistry of Beverly Sills. For me, the first electrifying connection to opera occurred while watching Ms. Sills in the television broadcast of Lucia. I was only 10 years old at the time, but experiencing her Mad Scene began my lifelong passion for opera. I was fortunate to have seen two live performances here in LA, Manon and Traviata. I will forever treasure the memories of those two exceptional performances as I also treasure my original LPs of La Sills.

Date: 7/4/2007, 7:19 pm, EDT
Name: Sandra K. Jones
Location: Delhi, New York, USA
Number: 276

Resssst In Peace Dear Woman!
You thrilled us with your voice and taught us all what it meant to be a parent and a citizen. You blessed our world.

Date: 7/4/2007, 7:18 pm, EDT
Name: Edgar Gutierrez
Location: Mexico
Number: 275

The Last Opera Diva!

Date: 7/4/2007, 6:51 pm, EDT
Name: James Black
Location: Rye, East Sussex, UK
Number: 274

As a child, I grew up on Beverly Sills. My father rated her Lucia over and above other performances (I still have the LP's) and she has always been one of my favourite singers. I was sorry to hear of her illness and even more to hear of her death. Hers was a life well lived and as a human being, not just a singer, she should is very much an inspiring light. Part of my youth has died with her. May she rest in peace.

Date: 7/4/2007, 6:36 pm, EDT
Name: emily johnson
Location: san rafael, CA, USA
Number: 273

At my age of 76, I remember BS as the first diva I admired wholly. I was sad when she stopped singing. But I, like millions of others, followed her wonderful presentations for the MET TV audience.

Date: 7/4/2007, 6:26 pm, EDT
Name: Vickey
Location: Columbus, IN
Number: 272

I was never fortunate enough to see Beverly sing in person but I have always admired her and loved her beautiful voice. Coincidently I was in the process of reading her first biography 'Bubbles...A Self Portrait" when I heard the news that she had passed away. It was such a shocking moment. My youngest daughter's voice teacher was talking to her about Beverly and that is why I ordered the book. She was a great personality and voice. She will live on as a great icon to everyone who appreciates music. I am already having my 10 year old listen to her music and hear her incredible success story. The world will mourn this great talent for a very long time.

Date: 7/4/2007, 6:02 pm, EDT
Name: Steve Curylo
Location: Massachusetts
Number: 271

I heard Beverly Sills only once live, in 1974, as Marie in The Daughter of the Regiment, at Connecticut Opera in Hartford. Her smile, as well as her voice, lit the entire Bushnell Auditorium. Her Oct. 27, 1980 farewell song really sums it up; I'm sure you'll agree that she was singing directly to all of us on a personal basis. Her life and her career was exemplary, if often difficult. She will be missed, but know that she is in a better place now.

Date: 7/4/2007, 5:56 pm, EDT
Name: LaTrelle Easterling
Location: Marshfield, MA
Number: 270

Although I am not an ardent follower of Opera, I was moved by the voice and performances of Songbird Sills. Her beautiful voice and approachable demeanor made opera more available and appealable to me. As a Christian I know that, as her favorite folk song says, "This is not the end, but a new beginning," yet, I am saddened that we no longer have this beautiful spirit on this side of glory. Rest well, dear Bubbles, and serenade the heavens!

Date: 7/4/2007, 5:15 pm, EDT
Name: Keith Williams
Location: Dallas, Texas
Number: 269

As the angels are weeping that the voice of a goddess is home I am weeping in sorrow that I can never again hear that voice except in a recording. I have loved the voice of Beverly Sills since I first heard it and wish that I could have been at every performance, especially her debut at the Met in "The Siege of Corinth." I lost my best friend two weeks ago Monday and I believe they are singing together in that other world some know as heaven. I have been listening to "Wien, Wien, nur du allein" and "Always through the changing" (the latter from "The Ballad of Baby Doe."
Sing on my heart and I will hear you forever!
My condolences to the family.
Adio, Beverly

Date: 7/4/2007, 5:12 pm, EDT
Name: steve galantiere
Location: Chicago IL.
Number: 268

I feel the loss deeply though I only met Beverly twice when I worked at a radio station in Los Angeles . I had gone to a Bowl Concert she gave and heard her do I Puritani and Hoffman-- all 3 roles and afterwards she greeted evryone with that great smile and wonderful laugh and during the rehearsal she actually bounced up and down joyfully while singing with great emotion and beauty. She then sent me a wonderful post card with her looking beautiful and signed to me. My thoughts are how much she gave us all in her lifetime from a little girl to a great lady. Rest in Peace Bubbles. steve galantiere

Date: 7/4/2007, 4:56 pm, EDT
Name: Donna Gulotta
Location: Boston, MA
Number: 267

I was lucky enough to be able to hear Beverly Sills for every performance at the New York City Opera because my parents had had a subscription from the very beginning. So, at the age of ten, I was taken to see Giulio Cesare by my father, who adored Beverly. For many years after that incredible night, I would sometimes, on a whim, jump on the train to Lincoln Center (for a $1.50 student rush ticket) because Beverly was going to do her three Queens, or the three ladies of Tales of Hoffmann, or be Violetta, or Manon, crawling across the stage as she sang. I have my videos and CDs and DVDs, and thank goodness, my memories.

Beverly enriched my family's life. My mother, who still goes to both City Opera and the Met, met Beverly many times, at fundraisers, galas, etc. But even though I never met her (well, one day as my husband, daughter, and I were on the Throgs Neck Bridge going into New York, my husband said, "Hey, isn't that Beverly Sills?" and there she was, driving next to us on the Throgs Neck Bridge! I was going to honk, but she was on the phone. I was in heaven, riding next to her for those few miles).

Oh, my heart is broken, and I send my love to Muffy and all of Beverly's extended family. There was no one like her in the world, and all of us feel as if we had known her well and lost a dear friend. Rest in peace.

Date: 7/4/2007, 4:44 pm, EDT
Name: Domenico
Location: Pescara, ITALY
Number: 266

Il dolce suono, mi colpì di TUA voce.....
The beautiful sound of YOUR voice, affected me...
Farewell, Beverly. I'm crying listen to your Lucia,rest in peace and thank you for everything.

Date: 7/4/2007, 4:21 pm, EDT
Name: Patricia F. Bahnsen
Location: Rochelle, Georgia
Number: 265

I'm 72 years old and have adored Beverly Sills all these many years. Her profound contribution to our lives is without measure. I met her years age in Atlanta, GA and I treasure that moment. I thank God for people like her.

My deepest sympathy to her family.

Date: 7/4/2007, 4:20 pm, EDT
Name: Riccardo Rocca
Number: 264

Your Art is the signature of civilizations.
Thank you, Beverly.
Good Bye.

Date: 7/4/2007, 4:19 pm, EDT
Name: Jo
Location: Italy
Number: 263

Cara Beverly,
...Vorrei spiegarvi, Oh Dio, qual'è l'affanno mio...

there is no reason that I write in english, as you know and sing in italian quite perfectly...

Quest'aria di Mozart ascoltata centinaia di volte, che solo tu sapevi rendere in tutta la sua struggente intensità, sarà il ricordo più bello del tuo canto. E la preghiera di Pamira, dall'Assedio di Corinto, che nessuno eguaglierà mai...

Grazie, per aver fatto più bella la mia vita.


Date: 7/4/2007, 4:03 pm, EDT
Location: Chester Depot, VT
Number: 262

I am ashamed to say that I only came to appreciate Beverly Sills late in her life, but I always enjoyed her introductions to Live at Lincoln Center, and shall certainly miss her there. My sympathy to her family.

Date: 7/4/2007, 3:55 pm, EDT
Name: Deb Hamilton
Location: New Hampshire
Number: 261

As Carol Burnett said, this is a biggie.

I was stunned to hear of Ms. Sills' death--I thought she would live forever. She provided me with a lifelong lesson: that you should LOVE what you do. She delivered that message at my commencement at New England Conservatory of Music in 1973. I remember sitting in the audience that day and was in awe. When I met her afterwards I remember saying something brilliant such as, that was the most inspiring speech I ever heard. But it was true--her words and her life have been an inspiration to me. I remember a recital she gave at NEC sometime in the early 70s, probably in December. She was ill and could barely talk, but sang magnificently, as usual. At the end, she was able to whisper that she would sing an encore: Silent Night. The tears flowed that night, as we all sat bathed in the beauty of her presence. As I write this, the tears are flowing again, this time from grief.

My best wishes to her family. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Bubbles: I wish we could have an encore. But I know the heavenly choir will never be the same.

Date: 7/4/2007, 3:39 pm, EDT
Name: Marjorie Riley
Location: Orinda, California
Number: 260

I echo Pete Buchanan's words, I loved her so much. I'll never forget her story about why she didn't sing here in San Francisco for so long. Early in her career, she subbed as a Valkyrie for Kurt Herbert Adler and lost her helmet, which was too big for her. It rolled across the stage, creating an unplanned diversion. He never forgave her and didn't invite her back. What a loss for those of us who pined for her in the 60's.
Goodbye, Beverly, You were amazing.

Date: 7/4/2007, 3:37 pm, EDT
Name: Lorna MacDonald
Location: Toronto, Canada
Number: 259

What an amazing life she had, from the highest glories in her professional life to her disappointments in her personal life, and yet, she went on. For those of us who are privileged to work in the arts, she has set the highest of goals - to continue to believe in the importance of what we do, both when we are "on top", and when the going gets tough. Meeting Miss Sills, singing for her, listening to her and learning from her artistry, intelligence and sense of mission have been incredibly influential to me in my artistic life. Thank you so very much.

To her daughter and son, and extended family, sympathy and good wishes are sent to you as you suffer this great loss. I hope that it helps to know how admired and loved she was around the world - not only as an artist and public person, but for her humanity and efforts for those who needed her help.

She can truly rest in peace.

Date: 7/4/2007, 3:34 pm, EDT
Name: Stephen Adams
Location: Madeira Island, Portugal.
Number: 258

Wednesday, 4th July, 2007.
I have just learned the very sad news of the death of Miss Sills, from a friend, who suggested I look at this web-site, which is a wonderful tribute to her.

I have always adored opera, particularly Bellini, Donizetti, Rossini and Verdi - and Beverly Sills has permanently been among my top few favourite sopranos.

As an Englishman (now living abroad), I have also always been extremely interested in British history, particularly the Tudor period, and so Donizetti's Tudor Trilogy operas are absolute perfection for me. When I first heard recordings of Miss Sills in 'Anna Bolena' and 'Maria Stuarda', I instantly became an ardent fan. Her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth I. in 'Roberto Devereux', both vocally and physically, has, for me, never been surpassed, and, as I think she once said herself, along with the other Tudor roles, it forms the pinnacle and highest achievement of her fabulous career.

I shall always treasure the recordings I have of her, in the Donizetti Tudor roles and others, plus the 'Roberto Devereux' DVD. I also have her book 'Bubbles' - a self-portrait - given to me by my brother, another fan.

I am a singer myself (although on an entirely different and lower level), and at present I am performing in a weekly show of classical songs and operetta, which I produced as well. The next performance will be on Friday (6th July 2007), and, if possible, I should like to make an announcement before the performance, dedicating it to Miss Sills. We are performing excerpts from Lehar's 'The Merry Widow' and Offenbach's 'The Tales of Hoffmann', both operas and operettas that Miss Sills performed in.

My deepest condolences to Miss Sills' family. I am sure we shall all take comfort from the fact that her legacy lives on forever.

Stephen Adams.

Date: 7/4/2007, 3:32 pm, EDT
Name: Margret Gurbiers
Location: Berlin-Germany
Number: 257

Seit vielen Jahren bin ich eine Bewunderin der herrlichen Stimme von Beverly Sills. Ich liebe besonders ihr: Rezitativ und Arie aus dem 2.Akt von Elisabeth von England. Hier ist ihr e traumhafte Stimme so Engelgleich und rein. Ich bin sehr traurig und wünsche der Familie die Kraft ihrer Stimme, um die nächste schwere zeit zu ertragen.
Mein tief empfundenes Beileid
Good bye Beverly Sills

Date: 7/4/2007, 2:59 pm, EDT
Name: DeAnne & Rich Hart
Location: Watsonville, CA
Number: 256

We've been attending San Francisco Opera since the mid-sixties, and were privileged to hear Beverly Sills there in the early '70's. Her "Manon" and "Thais" were unforgettable. We also enjoyed her queens - Elizabeth and Mary. Her gracious and upbeat manner hosting the Met broadcasts were exemplary.

Date: 7/4/2007, 1:54 pm, EDT
Name: Stanley Silverman
Location: Cambridge, MA
Number: 255

My deepest condolences to Miss Sills' family at this most difficult time.

I will never forget all of the wonderful performances that I attended, here in Boston (both the Sarah Caldwell's Opera Company of Boston and the Met on tour), in New York and in San Diego. Miss Sills was my introduction to opera, and a great inspiration to me.


Date: 7/4/2007, 1:51 pm, EDT
Name: alain
Location: Paris,France
Number: 254

Elle fut la figure de proue de mon existence ...
Bel exemple de générosité , d'humanité et de talent !
Tous ces ingrédients qui ont fait d'elle une immense artiste ...
Elle avait le "sens du bonheur" rareté qui lui a permis de vivre les
épreuves avec noblesse et dignité !
Un très grand MERCI pour cette belle vie !

Date: 7/4/2007, 1:34 pm, EDT
Location: PARIS
Number: 253

Je suis très triste de savoir que beverly Sills nous a quittés.
Elle est pour moi l'une des plus grandes cantatrices du
XX sciècle.
Mon plus grand regret: n'avoir jamais pu l'entendre sur
scène mais nous gardeons grâce au disque le bonheur
de vivre avec elle ses rôles.
Toutes mes condoléances à sa famille.

Date: 7/4/2007, 1:29 pm, EDT
Name: Jeff
Location: Boston
Number: 252

Thank you.

To Ms. Sills for sharing her gift of musical ability, and humanity, and to her family for sharing such a gift with the rest of us.

Date: 7/4/2007, 12:11 pm, EDT
Name: thierry berthelot
Location: Paris,France
Number: 251

La voix et la personnalité de Beverly Sill ont accompagné mes jeunes années; que de réconfort dans ses tonalités de berçeuse et que d'énergie dans son implication dans les emplois belcantistes .Son gout pour des coloratures étaient a la hauteur de l'étendue de sa voix . Toute la magie résidait dans l'équilibre entre humanité de sa personne et le talent qui en émanait .

Beaucoup d'airs resonneront encore de manière innimitables du timble suave et cristalin de sa voix .

Je serai toute ma vie attaché à cette douceur ,mon admiration intacte pour cette femme et son parcours.

Date: 7/4/2007, 11:51 am, EDT
Name: Shawnet Sweets
Location: Los Angeles,CA
Number: 250

Dear Ms Sills,

Thank you for all the memories. My Grandmother and I spent many unbelievable moments listening to your beautiful voice. I so enjoyed your commentary during the Metropolitan opera movies recently. We will all truly miss you but how happy everyone must be in heaven right now. I prayed to my Grandmother to find you and give you a big hug for me. For all the joy you have given this world, I'm eternally grateful, Shawnet

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