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Date: 7/3/2007, 4:13 pm, EDT
Name: Thom Billadeau
Location: USA
Number: 148 - 149

Oh my where to start. I first saw Beverly when I was very young. My grandmother took me to City Opera (long before Lincoln Center) and we heard her sing the Queen of the Night. She was extraordinary in the role. I wanted to go backstage to see her but my grandmother didn't want to stay since the weather was so bad. Sometime later we went to Paterson, New Jersey to hear her as Aida believe it or not. She was quite awful.

I finally did get to meet her at City Opera after a performance of La Traviata. I went backstage by myself, I was about 10. The person backstage pointed to her dressing room door and I knocked. She opened the door, of course she was very tall, I was very short. She said "hello", I responded hello, your Queen of the Night was wonderful and so was your Violetta, but your Aida was awful. She responded with a huge laugh and said come in little boy, you have to speak to the management. Her mother was with her and we spoke for a while before they realized I was 10 and asked if I was by myself. I responded no my grandmother is waiting outside, she doesn't think you're that good. We became friends over the course of her career and I had the good fortune to attend many of her performances in Boston, where she did incredible work with Sarah Caldwell, and I would attend many of her New York performances too. I fondly remember a performance of Roberto Devereux which was exquisite in every way. I was backstage afterwards and I remember saying WOW. She looked at me and said, "yup, that was a good one".

People mention many roles she performed so wonderfully, and there were so many. But not often mentioned is her performance in the opera that Gian Carlo Menotti wrote for her Juana la Loca. I went to the premiere in San Diego and while the opera was criticized for not being done on time, and not being the best work (how many opera premiers of old does that describe) her performance was mesmerizing. Something she will always be known for is being willing to make her voice sound less than pleasing to accommodate the drama of situation. She did this incredibly as Juana. Something that seems to have been lost in the pieces written this morning as well was her incredible sense of comedic timing. She took pieces like Rosina in The Barber of Seville, Marie in Daughter of the Regiment and made them truly funny.

She grew incredibly in her career as she performed roles too. I remember how she came to the realization that embellishment was not always necessary and not always desireable. Those who heard her very early performances as Queen Elizabeth in Roberto Devereux and then heard later performances heard a performer much more respectful of the music as written. I also recall that even when a role was not quite right for her or she was not in great voice during a performance, people left with a part of the performance they would never forget. She sang four performances of Gilda in Rigoletto in Boston and was quite ill for several of them. However, I remember her "Tutte le festa" as being probabl probably the best I ever heard.

Beverly, was indeed a force after her retirement from singing. What a retirement party too, that was one of the biggest fund raising events in opera history at the time. But so many have spoken about here post singing achievements and about her personal adversity. I remember her saying she wanted to be remembered as an opera singer. That's why I offered my recollections above. Boy do I remember--I will never forget.

I know the voice was put in a little box and put away in 1980, but now in 2007 you can use the voice to make music in heaven better than it has been until now.

I will miss you so much.

Date: 7/3/2007, 4:01 pm, EDT
Name: Hervé Mouriacoux
Location: Paris
Number: 147

I'm so sad to have learnt that Miss Sills is dead. Unfortunately, I haven't had the joice to see her on stage and I only knew her by records. But, the first time I've discovered this voice and this high art of singing, I immediatly loved this amazing artist. The highest thing I loved in her was her tremendous pleasure to sing, higher even that her astounding virtuosity or her amazing musicality. In a word, her personality! And which memories!

Pamina in the studio record, my first discover of her and the beginning of our "common way"... After, my "first" Queen, Elisabetta, so stirring and extraordinary; Anna Bolena I loved with her - what astonishing ending aria! -; of course, Lucia and her different records, pyrotechnic but so delicate; her other Pamina at La Scala, appearing like a diamond by her singing sparkle; the virtuosism of Marguerite in Les Huguenots; and the Fille du régiment so hilarious and musically fine; Manon, of course and her subtile and tender portrait; I don't forget Thaïs I specially loved, of course in the end of her vocal way, but with an intuitive and psychological affinity which so deeply moves me at each time. And so many other operatic encounters. And don't forget the curiosity of Miss Sills : Giulio Cesare but also, Rodelinda; Il barbiere but also Il turco in Italia; and the highlights records of 70th with italian and french rarities like Linda di Chamounix and Robert le diable. And one thousand other marvellous things that Beverly Sills has offered to us.

At the end, thank you for your sincerity in your art during all your career!

"Ma vie est dans ton coeur,
Ma vie est dans tes yeux...
Ah! Viens! Manon
Je t'aime!"
Adieu Beverly!

Date: 7/3/2007, 4:00 pm, EDT
Name: Edward J. Renehan Jr.
Location: Wickford, RI
Number: 146

A beautiful, blessed voice from my childhood. Godspeed!

Date: 7/3/2007, 3:55 pm, EDT
Name: evelyn
Location: new york
Number: 145


I will never forget your memorable Lucia and Manon at the
Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires.
I will always remember your beautiful, contagious laugh.
Thanks for making this a better world.

Date: 7/3/2007, 3:40 pm, EDT
Name: Dr. Wm C Clayton
Location: Garden City, L I, NY
Number: 144

For me, Beverly will always be characterized by her wonderful delivery of her Linda di Cahmounix aria on The Ed Sullivan Show. I particularly enjoy her insouciant little bounce about half-way through which seems to epitomize her as "Bubbles."

Date: 7/3/2007, 3:38 pm, EDT
Name: Lorraine Bilek
Location: Cleveland, OH
Number: 143

My deepest sympathy to all of her family.
AS everyone has said before me, she was a special person.
I was fortunate to see and hear her at Blossom Music Center and also at the Public Hall when the Met used to come to Cleveland.
She is singing along with the heavenly choir now or singing solo with them!

Date: 7/3/2007, 3:15 pm, EDT
Name: Jesse Dawson
Location: Cherry Hill, New Jersey
Number: 142

Her incredible vocal talent was second only to the warmth and sincerity she possessed. One of the greats; I don't know any other celebrity with such poise and such a sweet demeanor.

Brava, Ms. Sills.

Date: 7/3/2007, 3:14 pm, EDT
Name: Ronald Hake
Location: York, PA
Number: 141

To the Sills' family, friends, and all who loved her, her art, her gift, her seeming zest for life, I grieve her passing as well. Thankfully, her artistry has been documented well by audio and video recordings. As I type these words, I'm being enthralled as I listen to Ms. Sills' Plaisir D'Amour recording. Thank you "Bubbles" for all the joy and goosebumps you've given me. Your Elizabeth in "Roberto Devereaux" knocks my socks off everytime I view it! WOW!!!!!

Date: 7/3/2007, 2:46 pm, EDT
Name: Tony Converse
Location: New York city
Number: 140

To Ms. Sills children ( who I assume will, someday, go through this guestbook ):

I had the privilege of working with your Mother as Producer of the Dick Cavett Show, where she appeared several times, and as the CBS Executive in charge of "Sills & Burnett at the Met" TV special, as well as at the Carter Inaugral Gala at the Kennedy Center in Washington. And, of course, as an operagoer throughout her entire career

She was,perhaps, the most extraordinary person I have had the luck to encounter in my professional life.

Everyone knows that, amongt all the triumphs of her life, you were always at the top of her list of achievements.

Date: 7/3/2007, 2:46 pm, EDT
Name: Richard Kimball
Location: Long Beach California
Number: 139

There are special people who come into the public eye during a life time. Miss Sills was one of those Special People. Her Instrument tuned and beautiful and her personality, well she wasn't called "Bubbles" for naught. She will be remembered and missed.

Date: 7/3/2007, 2:42 pm, EDT
Name: Ari Dirkx
Location: The Netherlands
Number: 138

I was shocked and as well horified, when I heard the News from her death. I first couldn't believed, so I checked the news through Internet.

She was for me one of the best Opera Singers in the world, although I never heard her in public. She was in Europe not very well known. By records and magazines I have heard of her.

She was for me the Queen of Belcanto and the Manon of nonspeaking French singers.
I will very missed her!

Date: 7/3/2007, 2:36 pm, EDT
Name: Laura Berlowe-Heinish
Location: Miami, Florida
Number: 136

I remember waiting to see Ms. Sills speak at a local college in Miami in the early 1980's when I was a performing arts high school student. It was a terribly rainy night, and the entire audience sat and waited for well over an hour for her to arrive late directly from the airport. What a lovely, bright, witty, and talented person. She will never be replaced, and no words can express the joy that her voice brought to so many. She will be missed.

Date: 7/3/2007, 2:36 pm, EDT
Name: Kevin
Location: New Jersey
Number: 135

Thank you, dear Bubbles, for all the great moments. What a legacy! With much love. Rest in peace.

Date: 7/3/2007, 2:34 pm, EDT
Name: Philip Kraus
Location: Chicago
Number: 134

I am a long time Beverly Sills admirer and it's hard to believe this vibrant musical personality is gone. She was a true original who brought a fresh and vivacious approach to every performance. No one could sell a piece of music like Miss Sills; whether opera, concert or pop, she was committed artistically and the music poured forth from her with joy and pleasure.

She will missed!!!

Date: 7/3/2007, 2:19 pm, EDT
Name: Sean
Location: Los Angeles
Number: 133

I had the pleasure of seeing Ms. Sills live in TRAVIATA at Wolf Trap, and in her final operatic engagement, as Adele in DIE FLEDERMAUS with Joan Sutherland in San Diego. Talk about a real diva fest.

Ms. Sills was America's greatest coloratura soprano, an exceptionally gifted artist with a facility that placed all such singers today well behind her. She was also an excellent ambassador for the arts and her contributions to our cultural life were exemplary. Having listened to her commentary this year on the Met broadcasts, it struck me that there wasn't one singer on that company's roster that was in the league that Sills occupies.

I own a live performance of her 1970 performance as Pamina in Siege of Corinth from La Scala. It's just flat-out fantastic, and along with her Roberto Devereux, are genuine standouts in my recording collection.

I am especially saddened by what seems to be a very premature loss, and grateful for the many gifts she has left behind.

Date: 7/3/2007, 2:13 pm, EDT
Name: Davide Gambino
Location: Genova, Italy
Number: 132

I'm afraid my poor English will not allow me to say what I'd like to, but I thank so much the owners of this marvellous website (which entertained me many hours) for letting us express our common grief for the departure of a great Artist and Human being. Madame Sills gave us so many emotions, through her vocal and dramatic skills ; she shared with us the innermost part of her fantasy, leaving much beauty in this tormented world. Just to pick an highlight among the hundreds of recordings she left, I'm still dumfounded listening to her rendition of the most demanding Vivaldi's cantata "Sorge vermiglia in Ciel la bianca Aurora"... Pure joy of singing, and sheer living brightness.

May you ever shine in Heaven, sweet, yet strong Madame Sills.

Date: 7/3/2007, 2:06 pm, EDT
Name: Dario Irizarry
Location: Birmingham AL
Number: 131

After reading so many wonderful messages regarding this great singer and wonderful that Beversly Sills instead of tears I fill with appreciation for life to have had someone like her sparkling and givng her art and her soul for protecting the arts as she used to do. First of all I want to offer my sympathies to her daughter and relatives and close on her physical loss because people like Ms Sills do not die they remind us of the Eternal each one of us posses. This year and 2006 has seen the loss of an era of great artists and human beings Birgit Nilsson Elisabeth Schwarzkopf Mstislav Rostropovich....I am coming to terms with their parting from this world that every time I hear the news of their demise on NPR I play a piece of their vast discography to convey my emotions and celebrate their wonderful lives more than to grief their loss.

On NPR this morning Ms Sills was saying that when you want to reach a certain climactic point in your career you have to do something that no one else have done and that you do better than anyone. Well for her that was Se pieta di me non senti from the opera Giulio Cesare by Handel. I played that this morning meanwhile preparing to leave my home for work and after that Fra tempeste in the 3rd act.

In the latter you will see the fireworks of that coloratura playing like a butterfly amongst flowers. But yes she was right no one has ever sung before her and I dare to say after Se pieta with such a legato such a smooth silky voice and such feeling and sentiment. Even when seh left us a world of recordings to enjoy for me that recording that aria is the summation of her artistry. WHo will have pity on us who loved her and admired her so much?

Ms Sills thank you a lot for all that you gave us and will continue to give to the world thru your art and example as a champion for the arts. Wherever your soul and spirit is right now surely in Heaven please send us the blessing once in a while with a whisper of that wonderful voice and that humane and funny persona you embodied. Our world need that very much.

Se pieta di noi non senti ma io so che Lei abbi pieta e belleza ed amore per tutti Grazie molte


Date: 7/3/2007, 2:02 pm, EDT
Name: Vicki Boston
Location: Tucson,Az USA
Number: 130

Beverly-what can we say.
May your opera soprano sparkles up in heaven.
Please do MAGICAL arias in heaven.
Say HI to my mother Mary Lou.

Date: 7/3/2007, 1:55 pm, EDT
Name: anonymous
Location: oakland, ca
Number: 129

thank you, Beverly, you are a diva... your voice will never be forgotten.

Date: 7/3/2007, 1:55 pm, EDT
Name: Bill O'Rourke
Location: Port Orchard, Washington
Number: 128

I was deeply saddened to see this news today. Born in Brooklyn, I felt that I was in some way connected to Ms. Sills as she was also a Brooklynite.

As I was growing up, my musical inspiration came from listening to singers like Richard Tucker, Robert Merrill, Luciano Pavarotti and of course the Wonderful Beverly Sills.

Her voice sparkled, her eyes sparkled. She was the flawless diamond amongst singers. She will be terribly missed.

Thank You Beverly! You meant more to me than you knew!

Date: 7/3/2007, 1:51 pm, EDT
Name: Sabrina
Location: Corvallis, Oregon
Number: 127

As a teen growing up in the 1970s, I remember seeing Beverly Sill on PBS and reading about her in various magazines and newspapers. The more I read of her, and the more I hear of her, my admiration grew. Her phenomenal talent, as well as her approachable and unpretentious demeanor, helped to make an entire generation "less afraid of the opera." I noticed that several media sources are calling her the "people's diva" and I agree 100%. May "Bubbles" rest in peace...and her legacy never be forgotten.

Date: 7/3/2007, 1:48 pm, EDT
Name: Trudy Smith
Location: NYC
Number: 126

She was a performer, an artist and a New Yorker - her humanity made us all better people than we are.
Thank you always!

Date: 7/3/2007, 1:48 pm, EDT
Name: Nicole Bissonnette
Location: Montreal,Quebec,Canada
Number: 125

This lady had the most wonderful voice in the world.
I had just finished putting together all my favorite songs of Beverly Sills. I will cherish my new CD even more now.She will be missed a lot.Rest in peace with your beloved Peter now. God bless your children.

Date: 7/3/2007, 1:44 pm, EDT
Name: Jeffrey Schneider
Location: Los Angeles
Number: 124

Really saddened. I am also a brooklyn born ex-NYer, fortunate to have seen Beverly in really memorable performances of Manon and Barbiere at NYCO, Siege, Traviata, Don Pasquale and Thais at the Met. She always felt like family, teaching and sharing her love of the music. That was what I got from her the most, her absolute love of the music. Like the great work of art that she was, she will live forever in the recordings and handful of videos. So we will always have her joy of singing. Thank you for your wonderful gift Beverly. Peace.

Date: 7/3/2007, 1:35 pm, EDT
Name: Miriam Ellis
Location: Santa Cruz, CA.
Number: 123

Beverly Sills' passing is a tragic loss to her countless fans and a shocking reminder of the prevalence of lung cancer, even among non-smokers. In addition to her inestimable contribution to opera and her wonderful artistry, "Bubbles" epitomized all that's best in America: she had integrity, an indomitable spirit, an infectious and unassailable good humor, a sense of self, which was completely justified but never exaggerated, and an ability to communicate in a natural and convincing manner that was admirably utilized for all the good causes that she suppported. She represents an incomparable example for our youth and the world. Addio, cara diva...

Date: 7/3/2007, 1:35 pm, EDT
Name: Luke L. Bahr
Location: Provo, Utah
Number: 122

For a young vocal performance student it is quite poignant to look forward to a career in singing and acting with the end of such a great one.

Date: 7/3/2007, 1:32 pm, EDT
Name: Leonard Buck
Location: Reno, NV and Palm City, FL
Number: 121

I met Beverly Sills when she sang in Lucia in San Francisco in 1974, I beleive and she was gracious, vivacious and fun, as well as emphatically musical. She is still my favorite opera singer along with Franco Corelli. Thank you , Miss Sills. You made life better.

Date: 7/3/2007, 1:22 pm, EDT
Name: Brenda Cornthwaite
Location: Sudbury Ontario Canada
Number: 120

Beverly Sills will be missed by all who knew her...She is one of the greatest performer of our time..I still have her autobiography book I bought years ago..And she made me laugh and and cry...

Brenda Cornthwaote

Date: 7/3/2007, 1:19 pm, EDT
Name: Sandra Tripp
Location: Toledo, OH
Number: 119

I have watched Beverly Sills since I was a young child. She became an icon of hope for me, that anything was possible. He love for others was evident in how she lived and I will truly miss her deeply. We have not only lost an icon but we have lost a portion of our hearts. Much love to her family!

Date: 7/3/2007, 1:19 pm, EDT
Name: Linda McFate
Location: Cedar Hills, Utah
Number: 118

I was saddened, hearing of the death of Beverly Sills, but I'm glad she didn't suffer long with the cancer. I'll always remember seeing her when I was a young teenager in Seattle, in a performance of "La Traviata". Even my husband, who hates opera, was totally won over by a video he saw of her performance in "Barber of Seville"! My condolences to her family. But I'm sure Peter is happy to have her with him again.

Date: 7/3/2007, 1:18 pm, EDT
Name: Lola Ren
Number: 117

I truly liked Beverly Sills.....not just her beautiful voice but her "bubbly" persona. She will be missed by many.

What a shame to hear that she passed away from lung cancer having never smoked. My guess is that she was subjected to a great degree of second hand smoke throughout her lifetime.

Date: 7/3/2007, 1:12 pm, EDT
Name: Abersio Núñez
Location: New York, New York
Number: 116

We have not lost Beverly Sills. Her voice will be forever with us in her recordings. God bless her!!!

Date: 7/3/2007, 1:11 pm, EDT
Name: Randal Stowell
Location: Providence, RI
Number: 115

Beverly Sills is my favorite Soprano. I began listening to her recordings almost on a daily basis beginning in the late 70's. In my opinion she had one of the greatest operatic talents ever! Beverly inspired me to become a trained singer. How can you not feel a wealth of emotion each time you hear her. I think that her singing was absolutely magical. Even before I understood the text of an aria, it was crystal clear as to the meaning. She was a tremdous communicator. I never had the opportunity to hear her live, but I know every nuance, every single ornamentation. I hate to admit it but the first aria that I learned from beginning note to the ending was Una Voce Poco Fa... this is from listening to her recording over and over again.

As a baritone I had teachers tell me that I should spend more time listening to baritone's... I found that listening to Miss Sills just did the trick... The incredible flexibility and the fast tempos that she adopted just made her music so very appealing. My greatest times in college in particular were exposing my friends to her most perfect voice. I'm so thankful that she recorded as much as she did. What a legacy!! Beverly, you will be missed more than words can say. I will continue to listen to the most wonderful voice ever!!!!

Date: 7/3/2007, 12:57 pm, EDT
Name: Jeff Johnson
Location: Waukegan, IL
Number: 114

I woke up this morning to WFMT radio in Chicago announcing the death of Miss Sills. I was utterly crushed. My first opera performance I saw was on PBS in the New York City Opera's production of "Manon". I fell in love with Miss Sills' unique voice and presence and, although I'm a saxophonist, fell in love with opera and vocal music from that moment. I then watched her performances of "Lucia", "Roberto Deviereux", "La Traviata" on PBS and her wonderful special with Carol Burnett "Sills and Burnett at the Met". I have since purchased all her recordings. Her recording of "The Ballad of Baby Doe" is a wonder and necessary in any opera lovers collection. I consider Miss Sills and Leonard Bernstein to be the two American artists who showed the passion, love, dedication to American culture and there hasn't been anyone to take their places. The loss of Miss Sills leave a large gap in my heart. BRAVA DIVA to you Miss Sills. You will never be forgotten. To her children and family, my condolences and prayers to you. Know that your mother is with the angels in heaven and will continue to sing to each of us in our hearts.

Date: 7/3/2007, 12:54 pm, EDT
Name: John Bennett
Location: East Hampton, NY
Number: 113

I am saddened at the passing of such a wonderful woman and amazing voice. I remember in college, listening to her sing as I played her recordings over and over. She inspired me to become a singer myself and for that I am ever grateful. The heavenly choir has gained another amazing voice and we have all been blessed to have heard it here. My condolences go to her husband and family. BRAVA Beverly!! Well done !

Date: 7/3/2007, 12:50 pm, EDT
Name: Peter Clegg
Location: Washington, DC
Number: 112

What can one say of such a fine singer. Heart and soul, fire and passion, determination. As an opera singer i will remember the fun, the exuberance, the true spirit of Ms. Sills, she showed all of us how to find ourselves as singers, made the idea of a career as a singer, appealing, and within reach. Without knowing it, she was one of my "musical mothers" and i feel her presence strongest today. God Bless her life and love.

Date: 7/3/2007, 12:49 pm, EDT
Name: michael maldonado
Location: Orange, CA
Number: 111

I will miss you, Beverly but not forget you. Your countless recordings, I have on vinyl, will be played over and over again in the future and in doing so you will always be with us...

Date: 7/3/2007, 12:35 pm, EDT
Name: Allan Vanegas
Location: Vancouver, BC Canada
Number: 110

I am a great fan of Beverly sills and was happy to have seen her doing the interviews at the "Live from the met in HD" programming. Now, she is in Heaven joining all the angels very sure that Beverly Sills voice will get a solo part. Ms. Sills I am going to miss you and all my prayers go to your family. Long live the diva!!! Brava.

Date: 7/3/2007, 12:32 pm, EDT
Name: Adele Vera-Angel
Location: New York, New York
Number: 109

Farewell to our native girl. Farewell to her graciousness and cheerful outlook on life. Farewell to her fortitude, determination and devotion to the arts. Farewell to a woman touched so many through the sheer force of her vitality and strength. My deepest sympathies to her children and family. New York and the world have lost one of the best.

Date: 7/3/2007, 12:25 pm, EDT
Name: Alfredo Villanueva
Location: New York, NY
Number: 108

I still remember a performance of Ballo in Maschera into which I wondered a year after having moved to NY. To this day I recall the soprano's fiery red hair cascading down her back, as she made me fall in love with her forever. Over the years I attended every single opera she ever sang in, both houses. Once an article appeared which quoted her as spurning Callas. I wrote her on it and she answered with an eight page letter and a pass to see her backstage. I still have the autographed Three Queens poster as well. And her records. What a privilege, to have shared so much beauty with her. Thank God her voice will never die.

Date: 7/3/2007, 12:24 pm, EDT
Name: Anne Cowden
Location: Santa Rosa, California
Number: 107

There are tears in my eyes and heart as I write. My deepest condolences go out to her family and all who knew her personally. She touched and moved my heart and soul when I heard her sing twice in the 1970s in Los Angeles. I deeply admired her always as did so very many. Her death is a tremendous loss to us all and her good humor, intelligence and large heart will be sorely missed.

Date: 7/3/2007, 12:18 pm, EDT
Name: Corey Jesser
Location: Lacey Washington.
Number: 106

I saw Miss sills in 1972-73 in Seattle. it was an Italian
Opera. She was faboulos. She will be surely missed. Miss Sill was a true icon and will never be forgotton.
Yours truley. Corey D. Jesser

Date: 7/3/2007, 12:17 pm, EDT
Name: Margaret Ernst
Number: 105

This is a sad, sad day to have lost someone as truly beautiful as Ms. Sills. But we were all blessed to have had this angel singing in our world. Because of Ms Sills' wonderful personality, I became interested in opera and educated myself in this genre. I was fortunate to have seen Ms. Sills perform "The Daughter of the Regiment" in Philadelphia many years ago. Her persistence and perseverence was a complete inspiration to me and I always thought of her when I was having a hard time in my life. God lent her and her voice to us for a time; now He has called her home to sing with the other angels in heaven. Rest in peace.

Date: 7/3/2007, 11:53 am, EDT
Name: Joe Costanza
Location: St. Germain, Wisconsin
Number: 104

Beverly Sills was truly one of the greatest opera singers of her time and will forever be remembered as not only a magnificent artists but also as a wonderful woman, wife and mother.

I had the honor and pleasure of being at Ms. Sills' Metropolitan Opera debut in 1975 in The Siege of Corinth. It was a thrilling evening. She received ovations that lasted for several minutes and captivated the audience like few other divas that evening.

Having always been an admirer, I felt compelled to write to Ms. Sills in March of this year (2007) to tell her so and to scold the New York City Opera, which was one of her lifelong loves, for hiring a general manager who had questionable credentials. Although few knew of her health problems at the time, she was gracious enough to personally thank me for the letter in correspondence postmarked April 20th, less than three months ago. She wrote, "Thank you for your lovely letter -- it made my day. Sincerely, Beverly Sills."

What a gracious gesture from someone who was suffering many ills but took the time to answer me. I shall always treasure that postcard.

Ms. Sills sang bel canto beautifully, but also had the range to conquer many other roles for which she will always be remembered. Her farewell concert brought tears to my eyes but I was heartened by her announcement that she would continue to be involved with opera -- the greatest of all the arts -- at many levels.

I love you, Ms. Sills. With that, I recall an old saying for an epitaph: "To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die."

Date: 7/3/2007, 11:46 am, EDT
Name: Gisella Montanez
Location: Glens Falls, NY
Number: 103

Oh my dear, dear, Miss Sills. My heart is absolutely in tatters. How I loved your voice, sense of humor and your dignity. You will always be in my soul and in every note I sing.
My prayers are with your family, and especially for your children. I love you and I will miss you terribly.

Date: 7/3/2007, 11:37 am, EDT
Name: Esther Pierce
Location: Melbourne. Florida
Number: 102

Thank you, for all the joy you shared with the world.
You helped millions to love and appreciate the Fine Arts; not only through the beauty of your voice, but also by your tireless work on their behalf.

Your grace, and indomitible spirit; when faced with life's challenges, and personal tragedies, stand as an example to all.

You were a "Diva", in all the best senses of the word!

It was a life well-lived - a great legacy for those who love you.

I'll think of you often, and imagine you singing with the Angels.

Esther Pierce

Date: 7/3/2007, 11:31 am, EDT
Name: Gavrilo Rabrenovic
Number: 101

I remember her coloratura splendor since I've been kid...
There are no words to describe my grief and mourning...

Thanks, my dear Beverly- for all joy You gave me,and all people in Yugoslavia that loved Your Art!!! It's no time for tears,I'm proud to be one of Her admirers! Thank God for all these recordings. I know She's smiling at us now...

Date: 7/3/2007, 11:25 am, EDT
Name: alex kemp
Location: Montreal Canada
Number: 100

Thank you Beverly, for your humanity, your humour,and for that glorious voice. You uplifted my soul, you were there during the times when i needed it.Brava!

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