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Date: 7/3/2007, 11:14 am, EDT
Name: Michael
Location: New York, NY
Number: 99

I was lucky enough to have a mentor in my earlier years who introduced me to Miss Sills' art when I was quite young. He helped set very high standards when it came to great opera singing. Like thousands of people today I mourn this great Lady and can only hope that she is now resting in peace and free from the pain of this world. We loved her artistry and will miss her terribly.....

Date: 7/3/2007, 11:09 am, EDT
Name: Chris Aldridge
Location: Washington, DC
Number: 98

Ms. Sills was a favorite of my mother's, also New York-born and now deceased. She brought me up on opera, which I suppose was somewhat unusual for a kid- especially a male- to do in Washington, DC. But she introduced me to the voice, humor, beauty, and total earthiness that was Ms. Beverly "Bubbles" Sills.

God rest this lovely redhead, and prayers to her family and friends. -Chris

Date: 7/3/2007, 11:08 am, EDT
Name: George
Location: New Orleans
Number: 97

Dear Beverly, thanks for being such a part of my life --- since I was fourteen and sneaking out to the den late at night to watch the Tonight show when you were a guest! Sometimes my father would join me, and once when I criticized a high note for being less than wonderful, my father said to me "No, Beverly Sills is perfection!" And he was absolutely right!! I remember how each new Sills' lp and telecast and concert was eagerly anticipated. You made opera live for us, and so many people came to love opera because of you. You brought such musical joy into our lives, and your spirit will live on forever -- as long as beautiful music is played, there will be the voice of Beverly Sills!
God Bless you, Beverly!

Date: 7/3/2007, 11:06 am, EDT
Name: Thomas Schon
Location: Waalwijk, The Netherlands
Number: 96

Thank you! We will miss you ! We will remember for ever !

Date: 7/3/2007, 10:54 am, EDT
Name: Ruth Miller
Location: Durham, NC
Number: 95

My deepest and most heartfelt condolences to Ms Sills' family and to everyone who was blessed with that magnificent voice and irrepressible Spirit.

To Beverlys' Children: I just lost my precious Mother on June 18th and my heart goes out to you all.

Dearest Beverly, I was enchanted when first I heard you sing so many years ago ..... You filled my like with your magic and thanks will never suffice.

Mother Father God bless and keep you in your return Home.

Date: 7/3/2007, 10:47 am, EDT
Name: Fred Nelson
Location: Walnut Creek, CA
Number: 94

I was introdiced to Opera by a concert Beverly Sills gave in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. It opened up a whole new passion for me that will last for the rest of my life.
Thank you Beverly!!!

Date: 7/3/2007, 10:44 am, EDT
Name: Val
Location: Spring Hill, Fl
Number: 93

I can remember my mother talking about Beverly Sills when I was growing up. My mother was a opera singer also and admired Beverly very much. What a beautiful voice she had.
Beverly you will missed very much. Your now with the angels.

Date: 7/3/2007, 10:44 am, EDT
Name: Kay
Location: Little Rock, AR
Number: 92

Grace, poise, beauty inside and out. A joyful spirit and loving heart. Strength of heart & character. A life well lived, a life dearly missed, especially by those who knew and loved her best. May the Lord comfort them.

Date: 7/3/2007, 10:43 am, EDT
Name: Austin
Location: Aspen, CO / Ann Arbor, MI
Number: 91

Goodbye, queen! Thank you for all the years and memorable performances.

Date: 7/3/2007, 10:40 am, EDT
Name: Val
Location: Spring Hill, Fl
Number: 90

I can remember my mother talking about Beverly Sills when I was growing up. My mother was a opera singer and admired Beverly very much.
Beverly you will missed very much. May you now rest in peace. We love you!

Date: 7/3/2007, 10:39 am, EDT
Name: Tina Stillwell Miller
Location: Connelly Springs, NC
Number: 89

What to say of the passing of such greatness? Beverly Sills brought such grace, charm and talent to the world's stage. I extend my condolences to her family and friends. The world is a more beautiful place for Ms. Sills having been a part of it. Thank you, Beverly Sills, for your many years of beautiful music. You will forever sing in our hearts.

Date: 7/3/2007, 10:32 am, EDT
Name: Arlene Burnside
Location: Mentor, Ohio
Number: 88

At the age of 16 my mother took me to my first opera at the Cleveland Public Auditorium - I was fortunate enough to have seen Ms. Sills twice in my lifetime. The last performance was Lucia di Lammermoor and Ms. Sills sang like a bird. I continue to listen to her music and enjoy it as much as I did so many years ago. She was truly a great soprano and an icon that will be missed but never forgotten!

Date: 7/3/2007, 10:28 am, EDT
Name: Joe Wills, Host Burlington County Bluegrass
Location: WBZC, (Z88-9) Pemberton, NJ
Number: 87

On behalf of my co-host, Nancy Longenecker, my listeners, and myself let me extend deepest condolences to Ms Sills' family, friends and many fans.

Although my show format is bluegrass, worlds away from Grand Opera, I am a long-time classical music lover and fan of Ms Sills.

She a unique way of reaching people with a common touch that had style, warmth and elegance. She could bring her art to ordinary folks and exposed classical music to individuals who otherwise would never enjoy it.

I'm sure she's up there singing with Bill Monroe.

Date: 7/3/2007, 10:24 am, EDT
Name: Nancy
Location: Chicago
Number: 86

"Did you get what you wanted from this life evenso? I did! And what was that? To call myself beloved, to feel myself beloved on this earth." were beloved. Rest now.

Date: 7/3/2007, 10:24 am, EDT
Name: Rabbi Mark Loeb
Location: Baltimore
Number: 85

I first encountered Beverly in "Manon," in 1968, only my second time at an opera. Thanks to her incandescent performance as a true singing actress, it became the inspiration for me to attend literally a thousand such occasions, including the unforgettable premiere of "Roberto Devereux." I also was privileged to get to know her personally. What a truly great human being she was. Rest in peace, dear Bubbles, with your dear Peter.Thank you for a lifetime of joy. Love.

Date: 7/3/2007, 10:20 am, EDT
Name: Charlotte
Location: Connecticut
Number: 84

So long Bubbles. We will miss you so much.

Date: 7/3/2007, 10:14 am, EDT
Name: Elizabeth Johnson
Location: Cambridge, MA
Number: 83

Since I heard the news on NPR this morning, I cannot stop crying. She was such an inspiration to me. My mother took me to see her sing La Traviata at the Seattle Opera back in the 70's, and I was mesmerized by her performance. Being young at the time, I was prone to sleeping through long concerts, but I stayed awake the entire time completely spellbound by her performance. The next day at school we were asked to draw a picture of who we wanted to be when we grew up, and I drew a picture of myself in a brilliant orange colored gown complete with big diva hair. When asked what I drew, I said matter-of-factly, "Opera singer." Wanting to sing like Ms. Sills was the force that largely inspired me to study music and singing later on. And even though I have not the magnificent career she had, she was the the mover and shaker behind my love and appreciation of opera and my passion to share it with others, my audiences and vocal students alike. She had such an angelic voice, and now she is back singing with others like her. God bless you Bubbles and May you rest in peace!

Date: 7/3/2007, 10:13 am, EDT
Name: Barbara Cappaert
Location: Des Moines, Iowa
Number: 82

Thank you for introducing me and so many in my generation to opera. You will be missed.

Date: 7/3/2007, 10:07 am, EDT
Name: Andy
Location: London
Number: 81


Date: 7/3/2007, 9:58 am, EDT
Name: Laurie D. T. Mann
Location: McDonald, PA
Number: 80

While I never got to hear Ms. Sills in person, I heard her many times on TV and always enjoyed both her performances and her interviews. She was one of the first opera singer who had a down-to-earth persona, which made opera feel a little more accessible. We were lucky to have been able to hear her!

Date: 7/3/2007, 9:51 am, EDT
Name: Pamela Zander Owen
Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Number: 79

I have enjoyed Ms. Sills' music only through the television and Internet. I always wished that I had heard her in person. What a tremendous gift she had! May she rest in peace.

Date: 7/3/2007, 9:47 am, EDT
Name: Olivia Natalia
Location: Konstanz/ Lake Constance Germany
Number: 78

Thank you so much

Date: 7/3/2007, 9:38 am, EDT
Name: Richard Logan
Location: West Fargo, North Dakota
Number: 76 - 77

My first opera recording, out of hundreds,was Ms Sils in LaTraviata. She was the only star, I wanted to see, but was unable to see in person. Rest in Peace.

Date: 7/3/2007, 9:31 am, EDT
Name: Mauro Fuolega
Location: Milan, Italy
Number: 75

You were the soprano of my childhood and life. With love, Mauro

Date: 7/3/2007, 9:25 am, EDT
Name: John Lucchese
Location: New Jersey
Number: 74

Thanks for the memorable music. You are truly an American National Treasure. My life and this world has been better because of your presence in it.

Ciao, bambina, ciao,
John Lucchese

Date: 7/3/2007, 9:22 am, EDT
Name: David Mead
Location: Washington, DC
Number: 73

Your beautiful voice, its exquisite trills, your cheerfulness and courage, have made life more enjoyable. You live on in our hearts.

Date: 7/3/2007, 9:20 am, EDT
Name: Bernice Dickey
Location: Houston, Texas
Number: 72

I admired your beautiful voice and your vivacious personality. I consider myself lucky to have been able to attend and enjoy your performances. I will always be a fan of yours.

Date: 7/3/2007, 9:18 am, EDT
Name: Peter Brumlik
Location: Colorado
Number: 71

I grew up learning to love opera because of you. Went I went to Vietnam, It was your voice I heard in my very frightened head. You inspired me to believe that life should include the very best of what humans can achieve. Goodby, I will miss you terribly.

Date: 7/3/2007, 9:12 am, EDT
Name: Palmer Jones
Location: Atlanta, GA
Number: 70

This morning I was heartbroken to hear the news of Beverly's passing. I became enthralled with her in the 70's after hearing her performance as Lucia. I quickly bought up all the records I could of her operas and collections. I consider myself very fortunate to have won two tickets to see her final performance in 1981. It was a concert whose memory I will always cherish. I am blessed to have lived in a time when there was such a wonderful person as Beverly Sills.

Date: 7/3/2007, 8:54 am, EDT
Name: Dan Soda
Location: Chicago, IL USA
Number: 69

I was a teenager, and the local classical music station played a special pre-release recording of Donizetti's "Lucia di Lammermoor". I was enthralled by the soprano voice singing, an up-and-commer named Beverly Sills. I immediately became a fan, acquired all of her recordings, and got to see her in person once in a recital at the Auditorium Theatre. One of the biggest regrets is never having the chance to see her in staged opera live. As far as divas are concerned, Beverly Sills will always the first and foremost. Thank you dear lady for the music, and the memories.

Date: 7/3/2007, 8:53 am, EDT
Name: Jennifer
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Number: 68

Bubbles retired from singing the year I was born and yet I know her infectious laughter, beautiful voice, and ability to bring the arts to the world. We are blessed to have known you for this short time that you graced this earth. A wonderful voice has joined the choirs of heaven. Brava, Diva, Brava

Date: 7/3/2007, 8:35 am, EDT
Name: Jim Thompson
Location: Stratford, CT
Number: 67

If there is an American Opera Star-Book written, the name of Beverly Sills will glitter like gold among her peers. She joins the company of Mario Lanza, Anna Moffo, Robert Merrill, Richard Tucker, Eileen Farrell, George London, Jan Peerce, Leonard Warren and Lawrence Tibbett. What an opera company that is in the heavens above! Thank you, dear Lady for your artistry and compassion.
Shalom and Salam, Diva.

Date: 7/3/2007, 8:35 am, EDT
Name: Peter Maggs
Location: Urbana, Illinois
Number: 66

It was July 4, 1967, I was in Sofia, Bulgaria, and was invited to the American ambassador's 4th of July party. At the party I met a charming young lady, named "Beverly SIlls, who said she was in Bulgaria to participate in an opera contest. I gave her a ride back to her hotel. The next day I happened to be in the Sofia Central Post & Telegraph Office sending a cablegram, when she walked in. She sent a two word cablegram to her agent about the results of the contest. She wrote, "I won."

Date: 7/3/2007, 8:33 am, EDT
Name: Olivia Natalia
Location: Konstanz/ Lake Constance Germany
Number: 65

Dear Beverly,
thank you so much for the hours I spend with listen your voice. Thank you and sleep well.

Beim Schlafengehen
Nun der Tag mich müd gemacht,
soll mein sehnliches Verlangen
freundlich die gestirnte Nacht
wie ein müdes Kind empfangen.

Hände, laßt von allem Tun,
Stirn, vergiß du alles Denken,
alle meine Sinne nun
wollen sich in Schlummer senken.

Und die Seele unbewacht
will in freien Flügen schweben,
um im Zauberkreis der Nacht
tief und tausendfach zu leben.
(Hermann Hesse)

Date: 7/3/2007, 8:30 am, EDT
Name: Margaret Weis
Location: Wisconsin
Number: 64

My mother introduced me to opera and to Beverly Sills. We used to listen to the records and watch her performances together. I lost my mother several years ago and this is like losing another mother. God bless.


Date: 7/3/2007, 8:24 am, EDT
Name: Rebecca Samawicz
Location: Vienna, Virginia
Number: 63

Sad to learn this morning of her passing. A living miracle, a voice and personality that comes only once, an entrepreneur, and all with such a challenging family life. She had inspiration AND talent, grace and humor, and made everything from Handel to Maria Stuart sound better. I am in tears. Condolences to her family and friends.

Date: 7/3/2007, 8:21 am, EDT
Name: Louisa M Naylor
Location: St Petersburg FL
Number: 62

Thank you for sharing your timeless and irreplaceable gifts it made such a difference in our world.

Date: 7/3/2007, 8:15 am, EDT
Name: Hugo Vanwoerkom
Location: Esquipulas, Oaxaca, Mexico
Number: 61

May you rest in eternal peace.

Date: 7/3/2007, 8:13 am, EDT
Name: Terrence McGovern, Ph.D.
Location: Raleigh, N.C.
Number: 60

Brava, Diva! The voice of the angels is quiet now.

Date: 7/3/2007, 8:09 am, EDT
Name: Antonio Rossi
Location: Basel - Switzerland
Number: 59

Strange enough, it started raining last night.
Now I understand that it was not rain.
It's tears.

Date: 7/3/2007, 8:08 am, EDT
Name: Dr. Danley M. Reed
Location: Columbia, S.C.
Number: 58

You made the three Queens come to life. You will be missed. My God bless you family in this time of their loss.

Date: 7/3/2007, 8:06 am, EDT
Name: Carolyn
Location: Bloomsbury, NJ, USA
Number: 57

Rest in peace dear Ms. Sills. Your beautiful voice will resound through the heavens for eternity. You blessed us with your talent and your heart and humor. I'm so grateful.

Date: 7/3/2007, 7:58 am, EDT
Name: angeles navarro
Location: midland park, nj
Number: 56

I was a young singer, in Manila , Philippines when after her outstanding concert , I braved thru the crowds to shake her hands for the most beautiful performance I have ever heard.
Truly God has gifted her a laughter in her voice. She will be missed. May God continue to bless and comfort her loved ones left behind.

Date: 7/3/2007, 7:49 am, EDT
Name: pmd
Location: Philadelphia
Number: 55

I grew up watching Ms. Sills on the TV. She was one of the first opera stars to influence my love of the art. She brought this art form to people who either did not have the financial means to go to an opera house or would never think of going to an opera house in the first place. She made opera accessible to all not only because of her great artistry, but also because she was not what many people would stereotype as a "diva". She was the people's "diva"....human, funny, down to earth and made in America.
Thank you.
My condolences to her family. Rest in Peace, Bubbles

Date: 7/3/2007, 7:49 am, EDT
Name: Lyne Berthold
Location: Montreal, QC. Canada
Number: 54

I just heard this week that Miss Sills was sick and now this morning to find we lost a beautiful voice and a beautiful person.

I first saw Miss Sills on The Carol Burnett Show when I was young and she introduced me to Opera.
Thank you Miss Sills for your humour, warmth and voice.

Date: 7/3/2007, 7:39 am, EDT
Name: Jeffrey L
Location: Missouri, USA
Number: 53

What a lovely tribute to Ms. Sills on the homepage. She was such a familiar and comforting presence in our homes for as long as I can remember, and will be sorely missed. God bless.

Date: 7/3/2007, 7:21 am, EDT
Name: Regina Patterson
Location: Port Washington, NY
Number: 52

What a splendid life filled with great and lasting accomplishments!
The world is a better place because she lived.

Brava Diva.

Date: 7/3/2007, 7:04 am, EDT
Name: Steven D.
Location: Ottawa, Canada
Number: 51

As difficult as her passing is to some of us, it seems a little easier because you guys are here with this incredible site for us to come to.

The initial news last week was a body blow, but having been alerted to the reality made it comprehendable.
I know the two of you are having it rough, but many thanks for everything.

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