Beverly Sills - From First note to last

I think having a singing voice is a unique talent. It's kind of like a diamond. You can't manufacture a diamond - if you do it's a fake. But, it does have to be polished and put in its proper setting in order to be appreciated. - Sills interviewed in "Reverberations" by Robert Jacobson

live recordings

There are close to 300 different known recordings of Sills in live performance, including complete operas, concerts, recitals, TV and radio programs and special events. Those that have been confirmed to be in private collections, as well as those listed in library and museum collections, are noted in the Performance Annals on this website. To search for the known live recordings within the annals, look at Search Tip #6 on the Performance Annals information page.

Performance dates, venues and casts have been verified in the most reliable sources available, including opera company annals, media reviews, artists'  performance calendars, and Miss Sills' artist management's schedules. These listings will be updated as corrections and/or additions are discovered. If you have any additions and corrections, or have questions about the availability of any of these live recordings, please contact us. 

Selections from some of these performances can be heard in our Music Room