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  • Beverly Sills and Roy
    July 23, 1971: Website co-creator Roy and Sills after a performance of Lucia Di Lammermoor at Wolftrap
  • Beverly Sills and Ed Specht
    Long-time fan Ed Specht and Sills backstage at L.A.'s Dorothy Chandler Pavilion on Dec. 4,1977 after a performance of "Die Fledermaus" by the New York City Opera on Tour.
  • Beverly Sills and Pat Miles
    March 21, 1991: Sills and Pat Miles, Indiana University Auditorium after an "Evening with Beverly Sills".
  • Beverly Sills and Billy Chittum
    November 9, 1989: Sills and Billy Chittum at the Embassy Theater in Fort Wayne Indiana. Sills was the guest speaker at a Celebrity Lecture Series
  • Beverly Sills and Ron Runyon
    September 12, 1990, Indiana Roof Ballroom: Sills and Ron Runyon at Indiana University Auditorium after an "Evening with Beverly Sills". It was not my first meeting with Beverly, nor my last, but definitely our best shot together and a favorite remembrance. She is loved and missed.
  • Beverly Sills and Ron Runyon 2
    Beverly Sills and Ron Runyon
  • Beverly Sills and Richard McArdle
    Long-time fan Richard McArdle talks with Sills outside the Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills CA sometime in the 1980's.
  • Beverly Sills and David Tidyman
    David Alan Tidyman, a Sills fan since the late 1960's, finally got to meet her in 1994 when she spoke on the Key Bank Lecture Series in Cleveland, Ohio
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