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Everything that can be said of her has been repeated many times. The mainspring of her career has been her belief that opera is drama, not a showcase for beautiful voices. Hers was among the most beautiful. Her range was enormous, all gold at the top and silver at the bottom, combining lightness of texture and lustrous shades of color with great strength. It has been a voice that can raise the roof or break your heart... Most of the time she seemed to sing with her back to the audience, or lying down, or in the middle of an exit. Dramatic expression was what she demanded.
- "Newsweek, April 21, 1969" by Hubert Saal, music editor

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Kamen, Gloria

Heading out

Heading out

Bloomsbury Children's Books, 2003, isbn 1582347875, hardcover
This 200-page book is a collection of personal essays on 24 celebrities (writers, singers, athletes, scientists, politicians), taken from previously written memoirs and autobiographies. The book is geared to a high-school audience. Kamen prefaces each essay with a one-page commentary. The Sills essay comes from the 9- page Sills essay.
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Kerby, Mona

Opera Star

Beverly Sills: America's Own Opera Star

Viking Kestrel, 1989, isbn 0670822515, hardcover
Description -
The book is written for the elementary school level and is only 56 pages long. The author used the two Sills autobiographies and several dozen magazine articles to put together this simple overview of the singer's life. The book is one of a series called "Women of Our Time" and thus emphasizes what Sills has accomplished as a woman, with a lot of time spent on her early, formative years. The book is illustrated throughout with simple pencil drawing by Sheila Hamanaka depicting major moments of the career.
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McCants, Clyde T.

American Opera

American Opera Singers and Their Recordings

McFarland, 2004, isbn 0786419520, softcover
Description -
This 396-page book focuses on American opera singers and what their recordings say about their artistry. There are 53 entries, each containing biographical information followed by a discography of operatic recordings with the critical commentaries.
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Mender, Mona

extra women

Extraordinary women in support of music

Scarecrow Press, 1997, isbn 081083278X, hardcover
Scarecrow Press, 1997, isbn 0810846551, softcover
Description -
Mona Mender celebrates the fascinating and diverse women who have done us all a great service by furthering music and helping musicians. Her tribute begins with a brief history that places these women in their proper historical backgrounds. The main part of the book is devoted to the women themselves, most of whom are well-known, including Lucrezia Borgia, Coco Chanel, Gertrude Stein, Catherine de Medici, Queen Elizabeth I, Nadia Boulanger, and Isadora Duncan. Many of these women were the power behind the development of the Metropolitan Opera, the Hollywood Bowl, Tanglewood, Aspen, and other institutions, festivals and organizations. Although the roles of the women vary -- from supportive mothers and sisters, to patronesses, wives and lovers, and then inspired teachers and creative administrators -- they all have one thing in common: they have contributed their support, their passion, and commitment to music and the lives of musicians. For high school, public, and academic libraries.
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Morgan, Brian

strange child of chaos

Strange Child of Chaos: Norman Treigle

iUniverse, 2006, isbn 0595388981, softcover
Description -
The first biography of the bass-baritone who was often the partner in Beverly Sills' greatest triumphs. The 300-page book includes many references to Sills within the main biographical text, as well as in the full set of annals of all Treigle's performances, which include all his performances with Sills.
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Paolucci, Bridget

women of achievement

Beverly Sills: Opera Singer

Chelsea House, 1989, isbn 155546677X, hardcover
Description -
Written for middle and high school grades, the book 110-page book is a good short biography of Sills, taken mostly from Sills' autobiographies but also includes quotes from interviews with author Paolucci. There are a number of good black and white photos of Sills in costume and with family members. There is a detailed index.
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Pederson, Rena & Smith, Lee Dr.

women redefining

What's Next?

Perigee/Berkley, 2001, isbn 0399526781, softcover
Description -
The author interviewed 36 older women about examining their lives and careers. The 10-page section on Sills offers her advice on switching careers several times as she did, as well as comments on her faith and her family.
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Pogrebin, Abigail

Stars of David

The Stars of David: Prominent Jews Talk About Being Jewish

Broadway Books , 2005, isbn 0767916123, hardcover
Description -
The author interviewed 60 Jewish celebrities from all walks of life, including such names as Larry King, Gloria Steinem, Alan Derschowitz, and Sara Jessica Parker. Each interview, including the one with Sills, is only a few pages long, concentrating on what the interviewee thinks about being Jewish in today's world.
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