Beverly Sills - From First note to last

That first Cleopatra was the great night a singer dreams about, and it helped me to decide exactly in what direction to go. But, actually, the turning point in my career goes back to the first time I did all three roles in Offenbach's The Tales of Hoffmann at the City Center....
- Sills interviewed in "Reverberations" by Robert Jacobson

performance annals

The annals are an effort to maintain a comprehensive chronology of Sills' performances in operas, concerts/recitals, and on radio and television. Details include dates, locations, roles/program selections, and sources of verification.

Currently the annals include only appearances in which Sills sang. Her non-singing appearances (awards ceremonies, host of TV broadcasts, lectures, etc.) during her vocal career, as well as any appearances after she retired from singing, are not represented in the annals

The annals are an ongoing project and are currently incomplete. As more performances are identified and verified, they will be added. If you have documented information (performance program, dated newspaper review, etc.) on performances not in the annals, we'd be glad to hear from you.

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Last Update – December 07, 2016 (1,385 entries)

Annals Search Tips

The default setting for the annals is chronological. To search for individual roles, performance venues, geographic locations, colleagues or any other criteria, use the search window provided. The search function draws results from all columns. Search terms (up to five different ones) can be put in any order without additional punctuation or search instructions.

Here are some tips for getting the best results:

  1. When searching for a specific operatic role, use the last name of the composer and the opera’s title (i.e., Verdi Traviata).  Using only the name of the opera or the name of a role will bring up unwanted results from concert excerpts and/or names of performers.
  2. When searching for a specific person's name, it's best to use only the last name in the search. Thus for Placido Domingo, search only with "Domingo." Some entries in the annals only use last names - if you search with first and last names together, entries with only the last name will not appear.
  3. Use the term “concert” or “recital” to bring up only those formats and not complete stage performances. Use “tv” or “radio” to find performances in those mediums.
  4. Once you see the results of a search and wish to restrict it by additional terms, look to the top or bottom of the results page for the most convenient search window.
  5. Symbols and abbreviations used in the annals:
    • LC = item is held in the Library of Congress
    • (m) next to a date = a matinee performance
    • LL&F Schedule = Ludwig Lustig & Florian, Ltd - Sills' artistic management
  6. To see which performances in the annals have extant live recordings, put the word YES into the search window and all live recordings will appear in chronological order. If you are searching for specific operas, colleagues or venues (Faust, Treigle or Kennedy Center, for example), put YES and then the specific term into the search window and only the live recordings matching the specific term will appear.
Please let us know any comments or concerns about the new search and display methods for the annals by using the Feedback form.