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Roy Roy first came across Sills in 1967 through her recording of "The Ballad of Baby Doe." That was all it took to become a life-long admirer, collecting her commercial and live recordings, attending her concerts and operatic performances, and seeking out everything he could find about her. When he learned that Larry was creating a comprehensive website on Sills, he offered to help with his collection of recordings, information and recollections. In addition, he brings 27 years as professional librarian and 16 years as newspaper music critic to his work on the website.

Larry StrachanDue to Larry Strachan's youth, he never had the opportunity to hear Sills in person, but luckily there was an abundance of live performances that were available on audio and dvd. From those, he came to appreciate her perfect marriage of unique vocal embellishments with intense characterizations, which she willingly applied to repertoire considered risky for her vocal type. When he began looking for more information and background about Sills on the internet, he found that there was no comprehensive website about her. So, he decided to create


RachelRachel first heard Sills singing the original "Rinso White" commercial around the time "The "Original Amateur Hour" was regular radio entertainment, and later saw her on TV's "Opera Cameos." But it was two decades later, when she saw Sills on a TV talk show, that Rachel knew she had to see her in performance. Rachel finally had that experience watching the "Daughter of the Regiment" DVD, confirming everything Rachel expected: Sills sang beautifully and was extremely funny. Rachel became a rock-solid admirer and now, three years later, she has collected most of the opera, recital, and concert audio and video available with Sills. Reading Sills' autobiographies, Rachel recognizes Sills as a woman after her own heart: loving and faithful to one's husband and children, while still handling a career (for Rachel, graphic design), which wasn't common for their era. Rachel is also now widowed and semi-retired.

Yolanda LozanoYolanda provides assistance with graphical content for the website. She is a mezzo-soprano and performs with the "Coro de Madrigalistas" choir, in Lima. Yolanda enjoys Sills’s spirited interpretations of Donizetti’s Three Queens and the three heroines in Offenbach's Tales of Hoffmann. She particularly appreciates the expression and phrasing Sills bring to the Spanish selections posted in the Music Room, in which each word has special meaning and significance.

Emo first heard Sills in 1975 on the Met Look-In TV broadcast. His admiration for her led to the establishment of the group "Sills Thrills" in 2002. Emo has graciously allowed us to use his Sills performance database as the basis for our expanded Performance Annals.

Frank Hamilton has assembled complete performance annals of major opera stars, including Maria Callas, Franco Corelli and Tito Gobbi, as well as all opera performances held in  the city of Philadelphia, for his web site, Frank has been a great help with verifications and additions to our Sills annals.

We also would like to thank the following individuals who provided information and verification of Beverly Sills' performance at their respective opera houses:

Jack Belsom - New Orleans Opera
Ariane Csonka Comstock - Palm Beach Opera
Anne Kling - Cincinnati Opera
Brian Mitchell - Houston Grand Opera